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Disney protecting Jeffrey Epstein shows where their values aren’t

Imagine a newsroom has a developing story on Jeffrey Epstein and the media brass at said outlet quell the story to not upset the political elites. Now imagine this goes on for three more years. Now imagine that this newsroom is a part of a giant corporation. Now continue imagining that this company has the most popular brands of IP and multiple channels from which to broadcast entertainment. Now imagine that almost all of the entertainment produced by this company is marketed for families and or children. Now imagine that the company operates theme parks for families. Now put it all together by imagining a company that markets to children with family friendly content protects a pimp trafficking little girls to rich elite deviants. You probably weren’t playing along and imagining because you instantly thought of Disney. To spell it out even clearer, the company behind Pixar, Marvel, and Lucas Films protected a pedophiles crimes from being reported on.

We’ve already seen Disney trash Star Wars and subject us to a decade of creatively bankrupt live action remakes. We just saw Disney shill for the Communist Party of China, via ESPN, while they suppress the people of Hong Kong in their techno-dystopian totalitarian state. But they have a clear incentive to prop up the regime in China, who, in turn, props up North Korea because they overpaid on their NBA contract. Unpatriotic and evil it may be, Micky Mouse suppressing Amy Robach’s story on Epstein while also presupposing to care about children is a coverup made deriving from vitriolically deviant priorities. Avoiding upseting the establishment whether they be the royal family or the Clintons during an election year is craven at best while Jeffrey Epstein roams free pimping little girls he bought or sold.

What a reputation ABC and Amy Robach would have gotten if they had the courage to run this story. Instead they are less credible than Alex Jones. Even against personal interests, Disney and Amy Robach chose to remain silent on Epstein. But one does not refuse to act on their own individual interests without warping their being a conflict of values. In Amy Robach’s and Disney’s case, the values clearly were not placed on children getting raped.

But this phenomenon is not new or unique. Harvey Weinstein was covered up as well. Matt Lauer had a rape dungeon installed on company property. And let’s not forget that these same media outlets are actively promoting pedophilia. With such a pervasive compromise of values in the media, it’s clear we need to support independent outlets and pray for our country’s future.


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