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Mark Driscoll sheds light on major issue facing church in Steven Crowder interview

In an age of coronavirus and Critical Race Theory dominating the church, Mark Driscoll had an interesting reason as to why this is the case. Interestingly enough, not everybody in the Discernment world is a big fan of Mark Driscoll. I certainly know JD Hall is not because Driscoll is on the charismatic side of the spiritual gifts debate. That being said, I’ve never written about him or researched him, though I am vaguely aware that he is not a stranger to controversy or scandal. But one thing is for certain, false teachers finish poorly, and this does not seem the case with Driscoll.

On an interview he gave on November 25 for Louder With Crowder, the salient topics of the day are discussed. But the root problem for two concurrent issues, the churches response to coronavirus and Critical Race Theory are the same, I gather from Driscoll. Driscoll argues against the unbiblical notion of boards running churches instead of elders. He articulates that pastors want to to open their churches but the boards do not. Therefore, many churches are staying closed against biblical commands to no neglect the assembly of the saints.

The problem with boards ruling churches bleeds over into Critical Race Theory as well. Mark Driscoll articulates this with a story about how a pastor preached a pro-life sermon for thirty years and was threatened with termination if he did it again. Crowder asked what happened to him. They [the board] fired him,” Driscoll promptly replied.

Biblical church leadership is vital but seldom talked about. Churches with boards overseeing the pastors are not following the New Testament model for church leadership. The consequences of this are wreaking havoc on churches today, including FBC Naples, which I will discuss in further detail in an upcoming post.

Put simply, the Bible instructs an elder led local church. Deviating from this invites all sorts of trouble. What we are seeing now is a long march through the institutions. Marxists do not build institutions. They take existing institutions over. And Cultural Marxists can get on church boards without meeting the eldership qualifications laid out in 1 Timothy 3. Thus unqualified and malicious people can takeover a church and scatter the sheep.

So if we want to safeguard our churches against false teachings and disobedience, ensuring biblical church governance is essential in the long run. Right now, I am in the middle of reading Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch, a book I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to read, and I can see why.

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    1. I appreciate your research. I’ve looked into ICAL in the past and never saw his name pop up and I’m not very fresh on my own research into ARC. But I’ll certainly defer to your expertise on NAR. There was a reason that I wanted to be cautious and acknowledge his questionable legitimacy before using his words as a springboard to a larger point on Biblical Eldership.

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