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Personally, 2020 Was A Good Year

In a year that has done irreparable damage to the United States of America and liberty globally, it must be said that God is good, all the time. We are living in the time of God’s judgement, on America and most of the world. From a cosmic point of view, God’s judgement is righteous and perfect. We would be mistaken to pray against it, although from a providential point of view our prayers could be the means of God relenting righteous judgement as it was for the Ninevites. In any case we should not assume God’s intention for the destruction of America, whether to restore it or destroy it completely. But our actions should be congruent with either outcome. We should pray for God’s will and control in our lives. We should faithfully proclaim the gospel.

When Judah was taken into captivity, God instructs his people to marry their daughters and to sow fields because they will be in Babylon for a while. Christians in America are waking up to Babylon. But God is good. Romans 8:28 does not change. The Bible states that God works all things for the good of Christians, the elect. This is unchanged whether we are living in the Kingdom of Jerusalem or North Korea. It does not mean we will become rich like Creflo Dollar. And perhaps we will only realize it after glorification. But as for me and my house, 2020 was a good year.

A couple of years ago, I wasn’t broke, but my income was unsustainable because one does not easily find a job after college. I was married and not living with my parents. Late 2018, that all changed with getting a job in IT. 2019 was a good year as well. I became a father. I started Evangelical Dark Web, which quickly became the best website, I’ve ever run. 2019 was an overall good year.

2020 is without a doubt more of a mixed bag. I detest what has happened to my country, to small businesses, etc. I feel estranged from the local church because of issues with woke ideology, issues stemming from an unbiblical church governance, and coronavirus response. (I did not write about these directly because I was trying to handle them internally.)

However, personally, once again, I have seen the Lord bless my life. My marriage grew stronger in 2020. I got a promotion early 2020. We were eventually able to buy a house, a process in which God provided a place just in time because we couldn’t find a place to rent. I’ve studied a lot of theology this year. I’ve also written a lot in 2020, and not just here. I also write at NOQ Report and have been working on a project for years which is perhaps complete. Evangelical Dark Web, which is my primary writing outlet has grown tremendously. I also relaunched a YouTube channel with the same name and that has grown to over 300 subscribers, which is the hard hurdle to jump through for independent content creators. With both of these aspects growing, I thank God for working behind the scenes because I’m not much of a marketer.

I am however a writer and someone who can see through the smoke and mirrors that elites signal. I’m not special. But God is using me.

But what really excites me about 2020 is I see God at work everywhere. The faithful Grassroots Evangelicals are exposing the woke Social Justice Gospel, in the churches and the seminaries. Grassroots Evangelicals are starting to form their own institutes for pastoral training. Wicked teachers are being exposed left and right. We have a real chance to turn things around, though in any case the church will prevail against the forces of Satan. The tide is turning in the fight against the Woke Evangelicals. The internet is creating a level playing field to expose their lies, and more and more Christians are stepping up. In 2019, not enough Christians knew what Critical Race Theory was to oppose Resolution 9. In 2020, the omnipresence of Marxist ideology is forcing the Woke Evangelicals into retreat or forcing them to embrace it openly. So I do not despair 2020, not only because I have hope only an eternal savior can provide, but I can also see God at work.


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  1. Great to hear. Glad it’s been good for you. It has for me as well because I have positioned myself (and what of my family I can) for this economic environment. That doesn’t mean I don’t hurt for my fellow man who hasn’t been so lucky. Just as it got ugly when Christ showed man the Kingdom of God needed no elite gatekeepers (and we should well remember this) so it is getting ugly as the information age is showing man knowledge and information needs no elite gatekeepers either. I’m not equating this worlds importance with the Kingdom, just pointing out the elites are acting the same way, scared and lashing out.

    Keep it up Ray! Happy New Year everyone. All the best.

  2. God is using you in a effectual way! I’m certainly glad to have stumbled across your work. You put into words my concerns for many years. I couldn’t put my finger on the problem. I now, at least, understand how to pray for the Church. Many thanks my friend.

  3. Keep up the good work Ray! I am excited for what you’re doing. Your work inspired me to start my own podcast/website. I am building the podcast on reclaiming biblical masculinity. God bless!

    1. That is wonderful to hear. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you want to produce content with me.

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