Missouri becomes abortion free

I have often articulated that the best way to end of abortion to outlaw and criminalized. However barring such drastic and necessary legislation, the best way to reduce abortion is to attack the supply. One popular myth is that blue states have lower abortion rates because Democrat policies result in lower demand for abortion. This ignores the supply aspect of abortion which has a far stronger correlation because multiple red states are outliers with a high number of abortion factories like Texas and Florida.

Missouri has declared war on abortion and has reduced the number of Planned Parenthoods to the one in St. Louis. But the fight did not stop there. Missouri abolition activists have been playing for keeps. And while they did not manage to close the last abortion mill in Missouri, the Planned Parenthood is no longer performing abortions. Operation Rescue reported this feat.

Note that Andrew Cuomo prioritized killing the elderly in New York over killing babies. But a lot of these are probably halted in their operations as opposed to closed.

LifeNews confirmed that the RHS Planned Parenthood has ceased providing abortions, and the indication from LifeNews is that this includes both pill and surgical abortions. Instead this Planned Parenthood is referring their clients to get abortions in Illinois. This indicates that the hassle of the anti-abortion legislation, and the danger of this notorious Planned Parenthood facility. The days of this Planned Parenthood are numbered if they cannot perform abortions, unless Planned Parenthood wants to subsidize a sales branch in across state lines from operations.

It may seem futile, but the more inaccessible abortion is, the fewer people will get an abortion, which is telling about how whimsical these decisions can be. Furthermore, it taking action locally and in your state to drive abortion from your immediate midst saves lives in your immediate midst. This is encouraging news for those in Missouri and those in need of inspiration for their own activism.

A call to action

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