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Should Christians still be pro-life?

I am not suggesting that Christians should be pro abortion. In contrast, all Christians should be and perhaps are obliged to be pro life. What I am asking is weather the term pro life has been successfully hijacked and thus devoid of any real meaning or ability to advance the cause. I believe and from what I’ve observed, the pro-life side has largely won the argument as to when life begins. We have finally started advancing legislation through the states that challenges Roe V Wade instead of merely trying to mitigate it. In response to these victories, the pro abortion side has resorted to a no true Scotsman fallacy.

Now what do I mean by that? Well a no true Scotsman fallacy is hard to explain without an example so let me give you one. When people try to say that you cannot be pro-life and not support a welfare state, death penalty, Medicare for all, open borders, etc. They’re trying to create a new definition of pro-life that excludes the well-established qualities of what it means to be in this group in the first place. Pro-life has always been defined as people who believe in abolishing abortion and physician assisted suicide. No more no less.

Despite this, why do we find ourselves in a position where a logical fallacy is winning? And the answer is that many people call themselves pro-life because there’s money to make in being pro-life. The March for life that happens every year only exist so that there will be another March for life the following year. You can look at their website and see that their accomplishments are all related to the March for life. None of them are legislative accomplishments and they don’t even pretend to take credit for the state victories. And the national right to life is the same. they are a scam as well as they are basically Mitch McConnell’s  super PAC. now combine this with a lot of evangelical organizations that are embracing critical race theory and intersectionality organizations like the gospel coalition and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission who gladly expand the definition of pro-life to guilt evangelicals into supporting socialist policies.

The supposed allies of the pro-life cause are surrendering this fight, they have given so much ground on what it means to be pro life that it would be a great distraction to the cause to reclaim this ground, this definition, and so I’ve been pondering that we should surrender the definition in favor of a new word. Let us call ourselves anti-abortion or abolitionist as the term pro-life is bogged down in fallacious debate.

Let us be clear that the end goal of this cause is for an unborn child to have their right to life legally protected. Let us be clear about the end goal of the cause that is to abolish and criminalize abortion and not just for the doctor who performs it but those who seek it. This is the logical conclusion for those who believe that moral personhood occurs in the womb. And I don’t think we should run from it. I don’t think we need to hide behind oblique terms like pro-life. I think it’s about time we just be forthright with Americans about what we believe. and I’m tired of those who call themselves pro-life Using our beliefs as a whipping post to get us to support immoral policies. I’m uninterested in being pushed around by those who lack conviction to stand firm behind a righteous cause and instead succumb to the pressures of Moloch.


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