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Faucian Bargain

‘Faucian Bargain’ debuts number 1 on Amazon

The Branch Covidians are the largest religious sect in America, and it’s not even close. Moreover they are the most influential religion in politics. The highest paid official in the federal government is Anthony Fauci, the pope of this new religion.

Rather than combat this religion, the church has largely been complacent with its lies. However, while some like James Coates rose up to defy tyranny, to little support from major Evangelical institutions, most stayed silent. It is highly unfortunate that with even John MacArthur changing his position that more did not follow. However, a couple of laymen decided to take on the Baal worshippers by publishing a book exposing Anthony Fauci as the political fiend that he is. Steve Deace and Todd Erzen debuted their book Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History on Tuesday.

While most of “Conservative Media” embraced the lockdowns because President Trump embraced the lockdowns, the Steve Deace Show was one of the only shows to push back on the Branch Covidians from the beginning. A few other honorable mentions are Jesse Kelly and Daniel Horowitz. In an expedited fashion, Steve Deace and cohost Todd Erzen released an expedited book in paperback form for only $16 in order to get the message out in order to crush this false religion and Fauci.

While the success of this book was foreseeable, the success on its first day was beyond anticipation. It currently stands number one on new releases and as I write this it is battling a bunny rabbit kids book for number one overall on Amazon. This is a huge win for the truth. I recommend getting the book before it is banned.

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