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SF Gay Chorus

Gay grooming chorus includes registered sex offenders

After the initial reaction to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus putting out a music video championing the grooming of children into their ideology, the story has continued to develop, including the revelation of sex offenders in their roster.

Evangelical Dark Web reported that on July 7th, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus made the video private claiming without evidence that they had received threats. They also vowed to take down any and all uploads of the video on the internet. Neither the Evangelical Dark Web nor the upload used to make our initial video on this story have been impacted as of early Friday morning.

4 Chan researchers took to searching the names associated with the organization in the California sex offender registry. There are numerous name matches which we have not been able to independently verify all of them, and cast doubt on some of the matches on the organizations Board of Directors.

A few of the credible matches include two men convicted of lascivious or lewd acts with a child under 14 years of age: David Wallace and Lawrence Earl Friedberg, with a slight name variance with the registry and the roster.

Possible Jim Graham match

A possible match pointed out by the Evangelical Dark Web is Jim Graham as listed on their roster. James Graham populates two results on the registry. Considering the picture on the left could be as old as 1993, aging and weight loss could lead to the person on the left looking like the person on the right, since the man on the left already has distinct facial wrinkles on the right side of his face that match the man in the video. The nose, head shape, hairline, and mouth all match. James Graham as listed on the sex offender registry is in “violation.” Assuming this is like a violation of parole, this information was reported to California law enforcement in the event there is an arrest warrant for being in violation. Graham was convicted and released in 1993 of continuous sexual abuse of a minor, getting off easy.

Corporate Sponsors

It’s worth noting that several big name corporations are sponsoring an organization that proudly sings about indoctrinating children into their lifestyle without scruples of who their singers might be. These companies include AT&T, Airbnb, Ketel One, Bloomberg, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and more.

This is a developing story.


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