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David Platt

David Platt and Southern Baptist Cronyism

It would seem that the shenanigan’s of David Platt at McLean Bible Church are far from over, as he closes in on retaining hegemony over this strategic megachurch. But among the issues is Platt’s apparent lying about his church not being a member of the Southern Baptist Convention which is provably false. Evidently, they believe this is a hill to die on. But when you are a theological liberal, every hill is a hill to die on. That is among the reasons why Ed Litton remains secure in his place as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

David Platt is no small cog in the Big Eva machine or a pawn is Satan’s ongoing jihad against the church. He’s a major player in the game. And McLean Bible Church is his big prize. Becoming famous with his book Radical which was largely criticized for it’s legalistic opposition to the American dream, Platt was also the head of the International Mission Board and oversaw its decline until 2017 when he took up the position as senior pastor at McLean Bible Church. Platt, undoubtedly, is living the life he told others not to live in his book, as he lives comfortably in one of the most affluent areas in the country.

Northern Virginia is a strategic location due to its proximity to Washington DC. Being a megachurch pastor there means that Platt speaks to government contractors, employees, politicians, and even presidents. It would seem shortly after the hiring of Platt, McLean Bible Church would be an active giver to the Southern Baptist Convention.

A theory that needs positing is that the SBC sought to recruit McLean Bible Church into their influence. Kevin Ezell, the Phantom Menace of the Southern Baptist Convention, has brought on high profile recruits to the Southern Baptist Convention in the past. The most notable ones include Greg Laurie and James MacDonald, whose operations financially benefitted via real estate purchases. McLean Bible Church is a bit of a white whale, a church already doing or in position to do what the likes of Kevin Ezell and David Platt desire. So once David Platt got the job, he immediately did the bidding of the SBC deep state. The investment paid off.

McLean Bible Church continues to be a very influential church in the DC metro area, praying over President Trump only a few years ago. It is also in a major battleground in the culture war regarding Critical Race Theory and transgenderism in public schools. Yet, David Platt has taken a when in Rome, do as the Romans do approach to the most pressing issues of his congregation. This also includes lockdowns, of which David Plat preferred to keep his church closed down while he was supporting Black Lives Matter marches in DC.

David Platt is a pastor of the state religion preaching in the perfect location for a state’s man. Southern Baptist cronyism helped him achieve this much, and in turn he has made this affiliation a hill to die on.


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