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Evangelical Dark Web now has merch

For a long while now, I have wanted to get some shirts for myself, but like with most other changes to this website, ministry, they are often put off for months, like the audio podcast idea. But with the onset of the Christmas season, I finally thought to make a tee-shirt design for Evangelical Dark Web. 

I don’t buy clothes hardly ever, and since I find myself wearing what I wore in college, I made the first  purchase to get some shirts for myself and a onesie for my daughter for the initial design. For the next 13 days, you get 15% off any purchase. Moreover, after that promo expires, Zealots and Peacemakers will get a promo code for 15% off indefinitely because they deserve it!

More designs will come down the pike. I’m thinking a “No Retreat” design along with a design for next year’s theme for the Evangelical Dark Web.

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  1. Haha me either. I just feel like buying new clothes is a waste of money if I have clothes already. I don’t really care what I wear either. I have uniforms for work and a stipend for those so I need new clothes even less! I’ll check them out, no retreat sounds cool. How about “people like us never give up”, as well? And you fixed comments, great! Oh and a podcast would be awesome, and I think creation aps let you post just the audio of vids. I listen to podcasts all day at work, one of the good things to come out of the information age.

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