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No Retreat 2021

I previously made reference to operating in 2021 with a yearly theme, and I have had this thought for some time now. I have seen very effective platforms set tone in 2020 with a yearly theme that turned out to be the right message at the right time. Steve Deace had the yearly theme of “Assume you are being lied to” which was exactly the mindset we needed going into 2020. AD Robles declared “No Despair” in 2020 which was equally as prophetic.

In 2021, Evangelical Dark Web declares “No Retreat!” I believe this is the right message at the right time. If I had to posthumously declare a theme for 2020, it would be “No fear”, but alas the year is passed.

No Retreat 2021 is meant to set a more combative tone, building on the events in 2020. 2020 exposed many false teachers or effeminate leaders who are rampant in the church. Though Critical Race Theory was largely exposed, there certainly appears to be a movement to rebrand its teachings to make it passable in Christian circles. This is what John Piper is doing. But there are many who are lying about there condemnation. The Southern Baptist seminary presidents were brazen in doing so. JD Greear, at a minimum, maintains Critical Race Theory’s use as an analytical tool.

But there hypocrisy is being exposed. And when I use the word hypocrite, I mean to say that they are frauds or actors. These elites are being exposed, and no doubt they do not like this and that is why they are trying to appear neutral or they are trying to conjure red herrings like “Christian nationalism” or condemning conspiracy theories. They are scrambling to maintain their hold on the influence of a subculture that most willingly buys books, attends conferences, and donates to faith-based organizations joyfully.

But there is no reason to fear these men or there institutions. We are not judged by the world, so why should we fear those who cannot judge our eternal souls. This is also about perspective. Faith heroes of the past all had to face surmountable obstacles. And likewise, we are facing very surmountable and simple fights, like “what’s a gender?” We are also facing age old questions like: is Christ or Caesar head of the church? And of course the oldest question of all time: did God really say?

Social media is the Guttenberg Printing Press of our time, and we are wielding it effectively in defense of the gospel. And the theme I want to convey is to not let up. Keep the foot on the gas and let’s drive these false gospels from the church.

A call to action

Evangelical Dark Web is an online ministry that fights to maintain the orthodoxy’s and orthopraxy of Evangelical Christianity. We are specifically set up to fight three false gospels in particular: the Social Justice Gospel, Prosperity Gospel, and Popularity Gospel. We also do in depth research to answer reader questions about false teachers. Consider subscribing to support these efforts.


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  1. Ray,

    You are awesome. I am looking for a faithful church in North San Diego County, do you know of any?


    PS: How do you make a living? I don’t see click bate, and no requests to send you money.


    1. I can’t say I know of churches in that area. One of my goals is to connect churches and Christian, but that requires some sort of network. I know of one being made, but not what it’s called.

      As for your second question, I do have a day job. But I’m not doing this for the money. I would like to make money doing it. But any attempts to monetize beyond ads will provide additional value beyond what I’m currently doing instead of being a mere tip jar.

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