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VAERS Cases Top 1 Million For COVID Jabs

Despite being touted by the NPCs as a safe and effective vaccine, the latest release of data up to January 14th, 2022 has exceed one million cases in the VAERS database. It includes over 22000 deaths and over 3000 miscarriages. 

Quick Stats provided by Open VAERS

  • 22193 Deaths
  • 118684 Hospitalizations
  • 13137 Bell’s Palsy
  • 8886 Anaphylaxis
  • 3692 Miscarriages
  • 39150 Permanently Disabled
  • 11260 Heart Attacks
  • 27674 Myo/Pericarditis
  • 25266 Life Threatening

Pfizer is the main culprit of most of these cases, as it is also the leader in the United States and abroad. It must be reported that these cases have not all been verified. It must also be noted that vaccine injuries are exceedingly underreported, and this was true prior to the COVID jabs. It’s likely that these injuries are more reported than the previous average, but anecdotal and observational evidence would suggest there is still a substantial amount of underreporting. 

Under Emergency Use Authorization, the manufacturers are not liable, thus why VAERS was created in the first place. More over in order to have obtained EUA, early treatments that were known in April of 2020 were suppressed and many people died because of that. In the end, nobody is vaccinated but many are jabbed.

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  1. Verified by the Pfizer docs the FDA was *forced* to release. No wonder they’re resisting a judges order to release more of those documents. This was touted as the most open vaccine development in history and it is anything but. Even mainstream doctors and scientists are anxious to get their hands on the research the manufacturers said they would release but haven’t. If it’s all on the up and up, then why are they obviously hiding the data. If anyone can claim to be “science”, I would say the BJM (British Journal of Medicine, formed ~ 1840) and the Lancet could. They have released whistle-blower information on the pfe trials that calls into question the reliability of the data, and probably why they’re hiding it. They’ve also published editorials from their editors calling into question many of the mainstream narratives. That judge has told the FDA to release more data immediately, yet they still drag their feet. Let’s see if shows more of those spontaneous abortions they say don’t really exist!

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