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FBC Orlando

FBC Orlando Supports Sexual Immorality

FBC Orlando has made numerous headlines over the past two years. Initially is was David Uth’s disastrous handling of the 2020 canceled Pastors Conference, but then Evangelical Dark Web reported that the prominent SBC church was a Ghost Megachurch. FBC Orlando is again attracting attention because one of their pastors, Danny de Armas celebrated the diversity in his church which included: homosexuals, transvestites, fornicators, Democrats, illegal immigrants, pro-abortion advocates, communists, and more. He claims that all these groups are faithful, giving, and serving members of FBC Orlando.

Naturally this drew the ire of multiple online discernment ministries. FBC Orlando was celebrating sexual immorality in their church. The biblical response to such rampant degeneracy in the church would be mortification. Moreover, FBC Orlando is a textbook case of a church that has rejected the calling of discipline.

The local church has specific functions such as evangelizing, ordinances, and discipline. If someone is sinning, and not repenting, it is incumbent on the church to confront the sinner so that they repent. Matthew 18 is an oft ignored process in the church today.

Being a megachurch, it in infeasible for the appellate levels of Matthew 18 to be carried out if ever needed. FBC Naples carried out excommunications without regard for the proper process. But at FBC Orlando there exist a pervasive culture to not confront another person about their public sin and to even tolerate such people in membership and volunteer capacities.

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