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Nate Collins

Revoice Founder Nate Collins Includes Transgenderism in “Pro-Life”

The past several days have had the liberals out in full force demanding gun control measures in wake of the Uvalde Massacre. Australian liberal, Michael Byrd wrote an article comparing the NRA to Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that the organization’s declining influence has not curbed states repealing gun control laws. Nevertheless, that did not stop SBTS grad, Nate Collins, from affirming the article with a caveat.

There are two major deviations in the pro-life movement: those who want to expand its scope and those who do not believe abortion is actually murder and demand equal protection under the law. The Nate Collins tweet clearly falls under the former deviation.

Collins did not receive the reaction he was hoping for and was promptly ratio’d. A number of Christians pointed out how no one is actually trans, how pro-life has a limited scope, and how transgenderism is a complete contradiction of human dignity.

The Revoice Conference is apart of a movement to promote side b theology, which teaches that homosexual desires and identity are not in and of themselves sinful, to be mortified. It was founded by Nate Collins and is primarily involved with the strife in the Presbyterian Church in America, despite Nate Collins having an SBC educational background. The movement has achieved a stalemate within the PCA.

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2 Responses

  1. Good grief the tired tactics of changing definitions to fit narratives, and coming up with little “witty” sayings to sound cool and get a rise out of those stuffy Christians. Pro-life means exactly what is says. Supporting the right of one for life, to not to be killed on the whims of their mother and others.

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