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Bros Movie

Gay RomCom Flops, Loses Money At Box Office

The Bros Movie was perhaps the most in your face attempt to mainstream monkeypox culture to the general public via Hollywood. It fail fabulously. On a $22 million dollar budget, it is estimated to have only reached $4.8 million on its opening weekend box office despite a massive marketing push and typical celebrity endorsements. This is a pathetic showing, exacerbated by the marketing cost which likely possibly the current earnings.

This movie went far and wide and came up largely empty. Billy Eichner decided to blame heterosexuals for the movie failing, but social media is not having any of it.


This movie tried to mainstream monkeypox culture and unsurprisingly lost money. This would not be the first Hollywood project to lose money for going woke nor will it be the last. But perhaps this movie was a charity project, like the WNBA, whereby Hollywood subsidized this degeneracy in order to terraform the culture. Hollywood can’t sustain these losses forever.

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