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Tim Keller

Tim Keller Apparently Tweets The Same Error Every Year

Tim Keller’s Twitter account is full of riddles, but at the beginning of every year, this liberal Protestant pastor has a tradition of Tweeting against pharisaism that is a barb aimed at people in the church who believe in obedience. In the tweet, Tim Keller falsely asserts that obedience to God’s law is often a strategy for rebellion against God.

The 2022 edition is as follows.

Turns out he’s Tweeted this almost every year.


Tim Keller thinks he’s being like Jesus when He critiques the Pharisees, but the Pharisees were, at times, publicly obedient, but privately disobedient. This key distinction would mean that the pharisaical are actually disobedient to god’s law. But this is lost on Keller.

And some memes emerged as well.


The point that obedience to God is loving God is to be driven home. Tim Keller thinks he’s sounding smart here but he’s entirely a midwit.


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  1. Yes Keller’s error is right up there with the woke nonsense that one can be a racist and not know it. This is confusion and we know where that comes from.

  2. Jesus didn’t say don’t wash the cup, He said to keep the inside clean as well (well that cleaning the inside would make the outside clean).

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