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Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder Announces Partnership With Rumble

After a three month hiatus for Steven Crowder, the largest Conservative YouTuber, Crowder has announced a return date of Monday March 20th for his daily show. This announcement also came with an announced partnership with Rumble, the YouTube competitor that has been gaining traction as more content creators onboard their users to the platform. Other creators to have heavily utilized the platform include Nick Rekieta and Elijah Schaffer. Elijah Schaffer turned locals and Rumble when going independent after getting fired from Blaze Media. Crowder seems to be following Schaffer’s path but with a deal with Rumble.

According to Crowder’s announcement:

I know you’ve been patient, and I appreciate you pardoning the team’s dust these last two months. 

Everyone here at the team is thrilled to inform you that MugClub relaunches on March 20, 2023. It is bigger, it is better, it is more affordable, it will include MORE content than ever AND it’s powered by Rumble! More on that in a second. 

First, this email is being sent to you exclusively (before the public launch) so that as a longtime supporter, you can be the first to sign up and take advantage of an additional discount. So for those of you who joined up before the migration, click here to sign up for Mug Club and we will offer you an additional 3 FREE MONTHS with the promo code: FightLikeHell320

Did I mention that the annual price has been lowered from $99 to $89?

Oh, and we’ll be producing approximately double the content (including an exclusive Friday show for members). 

What I’m most excited about in partnering (key word being “PARTNERING”) with Rumble is that for the first time, a company with the capabilities to do so, truly has all of our backs in the fight for free speech against BigTech. And by “our” I mean “yours, mine and ours.” Our goal has never been to be suspended from YouTube or any other like-minded, leftist platforms… but we can’t be beholden to them. In order to serve you and our country, we need to be able to speak the truth and accept the consequences. Our new full-time partnership with Rumble will allow exactly that, without risking the loss of our platforms permanently. 

The entire team appreciates your loyalty, support, and most of all, patience throughout this entire ordeal. Me, most of all.

Hold onto your butts. It’s all gas, no breaks starting March 20th!

– Crowder

In addition to providing a better deal for his supporters, Crowder’s partnership will more than likely secure him some sort of preferential treatment within Rumble’s algorithm. It’s unclear how much content will be put up on YouTube, if any. Crowder states that he will not be beholden to Big Tech, with the implication that he will not rely on YouTube at all.

Rumble has been investing in content. They have the licensing agreement to Dana White’s poorly received Power Slap. Steven Crowder may be a much needed boost for shareholders in Rumble stock.

In January, Steven Crowder went public with the contemptuous offer from the Daily Wire, creating a massive conversation in the conservative world. Now Steven Crowder is on his own with a strategic partnership, setting out to prove what he can build. The professed Christian Conservative did not have a portable audience with Blaze Media and has relied on building an email list while he got his ducks in a row. They’re in a row now and Crowder is promising more content than ever, including a Friday show.

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