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GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace Brags About Fornicating At Prayer Breakfast

The 13th Annual South Carolina Prayer Breakfast occurred on Wednesday in which the South Carolina congressional delegation appeared. Nancy Mace, Tim Scott, and Lindsay Graham were all present. Rep. Nancy Mace spoke at the breakfast and regaled the crowd with her (lack of) sexual escapades that morning. In the story she details being shacked up with her fiancé.

“I woke up this morning at 7, Patrick my fiancé tried to pull me by my waist in bed and I was like ‘no baby we don’t have time for that this morning’ I gotta get to the prayer breakfast. I gotta be on time. A little TMI… He can wait. I’ll see him later tonight.”

So in a wanton display of irreverence, Mace brags about her living in sin relationship at a prayer breakfast. This drew widespread criticism from those reporting it.

When eventually married, this will be Mace’s third marriage. Nancy Mace lives like a pagan and votes like one. Despite the Republicans being an opposition party, Mace only has a 67% Liberty Score due to her votes in support of Ukraine and homosexual marriage.

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