Gubernatorial Power Rankings 2022

2022 was a disappointment in the Red Wave that was unrealized, partially due to fortified elections, but a large share of the blame falls upon political malfeasance by the very party who stood to benefit from the intentional mismanagement and vindictive demeanor of America by the Biden Regime. In this second annual installment of Gubernatorial […]

Respect of “Marriage” Act Passes Congress, GOP Drifts Leftward

On July 19, 2022, Congress passed the “Respect of Marriage Act” by a vote of 267-157, with 47 republicans joining the democrats in recognizing homosexual “marriage” at the federal level. HR 8404 would be a formal repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and would serve as a bludgeon against any states who would attempt […]

Texas GOP goes Conservative at Convention

There is much that can be said regarding the decline of Texas over the years. When it comes to elections, the voters in Texas were perfectly fine saying “Thank you, may I have another!” as they obediently reelected their incumbents by massive margins. Through absence at the polls—not fraud—globalist RINO’s like Dan Crenshaw won their […]

Conservative Gains 2022: Revival or Market Correction?

Politically, 2022 has brought many victories for conservatives in America. As legislative sessions have largely ended and a leaked court opinion revealed the long-sought overturn of Roe v Wade, the year 2022 has ushered in many victories for the American Right. Against the Rainbow Jihad, the bold initiative of the Florida legislature’s “Don’t Say Gay” […]

Transgenderism is the New Abortion

Not many issues are as existential as abortion. Abortion is rightly a litmus test on the right to weed out liberals and frauds. Though the Republican Party has at least three overtly pro-abortion senators (Murkowski, Collins, and Romney), being full-on pro-abortion is harder to do in the Republican Party than it was when pro-abortion John […]

Andy Stanley preaches on politics If ever a preacher has the opportunity to preach to politicians at a chaplain service, this would be a great time to preach the gospel to a pagan audience. Alas, Andy Stanley is no real preacher. And in his message to the Georgia legislature, the gospel was not presented in any way, shape, or […]

Did Kim Reynolds do a good job responding to Joe Biden’s SOTU?

It is easy for Americans to overlook the accomplishments of Governor Kim Reynolds due to the fact she governs Iowa. For her outstanding performance in pushing back against Covidstan policies more proactively than most republican governors, she placed second in the 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings  Even in 2022, the Iowa has several bills in the […]

Who Really Hates Their Neighbor?

It is from an often-unappreciated verse in Leviticus that Jesus offers a summation of the commandments in Matthew 22. How many pastors will actually go in between those two uncomfortable passages of sexual sin found in Leviticus to pull out the full context Jesus referenced in the gospels? Nothing Jesus said should have been profound, […]

Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act Passes in House

Let it never be said that the focus on politics amounts to worship of politics, for we come not preaching that the Republican Party is on your side, but that too many of them are actively against you. Make no mistake, politics is a mission field. The spiritual direction of a nation is dictated by […]

Grassroots Evangelicals are the reason Glenn Youngkin won

This is not the column I thought I would be writing. Back in April of 2021. Evangelical Dark Web published a DarkLink that exposed Glenn Youngkin as a Woke Evangelical running for governor as a Rerpublican, predicated on the work of other ally ministries. Today he is the governor-elect of Virginia after running an anti-woke campaign […]