Glenn Youngkin Exposed | DarkLinks 43

Editor’s note: Evangelical Dark Web has not done a DarkLinks since October. It was decided that this was the best format to explain this story while also providing original commentary. There are no shortages of frauds in the Republican Party. There are not many states with a party so dedicated to self-sabotage than the Republican […]

The six steps to putting Christians in public office

In such a time as this, we are in desperate need of leadership in this country that holds biblical conviction. The Republican Party has been an abysmal failure to push back against the Cultural Marxism that has marched through the institutions. The magic “R” does nothing to ensure pushback beyond a mere sandbag in face […]

Christians need organization that leverages Republican Party, not the other way around

It’s quite obvious that Christians have no sway on the Democrat Party. The feigned shock of Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden exemplifies just how little this political machine cares for the woke Evangelical charlatans. The classic Christian response from an institutional level has been to create lofty organizations like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. However […]

Equality Act advances to Senate. Republican Resolve surprisingly strong.

As the Equality Act advances to the Senate, there is a sense of optimism that the bill may not pass through the Senate’s 60 vote threshold. With only 3 Republicans in the House of Representatives voting in favor of the bill, there may be hope yet for a cohesive stand against the bill, I previously […]

Unpopular Opinion: The Georgia Senate runoff was inconsequential

For the last couple of months, there was a debate raging in conservatism about whether to turn out for the Georgia Senate runoffs. I was reticent on this issue until election night, where I made several comments blaming the Republicans for their own defeat. And while I will call out Raphael Warnock for being a […]

Conservatives Christians in Virginia score major political victory

On September 3rd, 2019, Jerry Falwell Jr, President of Liberty University, came over the top rope to provide backup to his Congressman Denver Riggleman after he officiated a homosexual wedding ceremony. The grievance of Riggleman’s action caused the local Republican Party to censure him. Despite this lack of local support, Jerry Falwell Jr. and even […]