AD Robles and Jon Harris reach 10K subscribers

In the grand scheme of YouTube, ten thousand subscribers is not a lot. But in the Kingdom of God, such a platform can effect change within the church and without. I want to write this as a congratulations to the two of them who have built a platform contending for the faith against the principalities […]

DarkLinks 39: The Gospel Coalition is not on your side with corona virus


In this edition of DarkLinks we explore The Gospel Coalition’s recent response to the church and corona virus. This is a bit of a followup from when we reported on Ed Stertzer in Christianity Today backtracking on the Chinese propaganda he was pushing in calling those who claim that the virus was made in a […]

DarkLinks 35: Progressive Christianity never sleeps

Progressive Christianity is never ceases to move of drive society back into pre-Christendom. The theme of this edition of DarkLinks is exposing much of this heretical blend of Christianity with paganism that begins with undermining Scripture. We begin with a small excerpt from a longer read out of Pulpit and Pen. It really dives into […]