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DarkLinks 39: The Gospel Coalition is not on your side with corona virus

In this edition of DarkLinks we explore The Gospel Coalition’s recent response to the church and corona virus. This is a bit of a followup from when we reported on Ed Stertzer in Christianity Today backtracking on the Chinese propaganda he was pushing in calling those who claim that the virus was made in a lab are in sin for doing so and thus being a bad witness. Big Eva publications such as The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today are compromised, and Sars 2 corona virus only makes this more evident.

Much of the theme in this post explores the reaction to the suggestion that church congregations should not sing. I for one stand firm in the belief that corporate worship is one of the main functions of the church (not the only). This function entails the congregants making a joyful noise. I do not believe that churchgoers should forego this or any function of the church under government compulsion.


AD Robles: Is Gospel Coalition on the side of tyrants (God help us)


TGC, Joe Carter lie about American Family Association

By Capstone Report

Want to know if a writer is honest or not—check their sources. Joe Carter of the Gospel Coalition used progressive website PolitiFact in a smear of the American Family Association and Bryan Fischer.

Here is what Carter said about the AFA, “A Christian ministry, American Family Association, is promoting a conspiracy that Fauci ‘has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.’”

Carter mistakes fact for conspiracy. Fischer’s column for the AFA makes a very good case that the antimalarial drug chloroquine “has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells.” And it gets better, the drug has both “both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage,” according to the 2005 study quoted by Fischer.

So, Fischer does a great job detailing that peer-reviewed medical journals established the effectiveness of chloroquine against coronaviruses similar to the present pandemic. Then, Fischer asks a legitimate question:  Why is there so much resistance to this safe, established and well-known drug?

And yet, Joe Carter declares that AFA and Fischer are spreading a conspiracy theory.


The Gospel Coalition Might, May, Possibly, Sorta, Maybe, Likely, Want Churches to Stop Congregational Singing

By Dustin Germain @ Pulpit and Pen

The Gospel Coalition piece seems like it is giving us many options to consider, but it quickly becomes clear that nothing is concrete. It’s all just speculation, suggestion, inference and conjecture, and the only certain thing is that the author really doesn’t think congregations should be singing.


The Gospel Coalition Incites Fear, Says Congregational Singing is Dangerous

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

I mean, honestly, if this guy is afraid of singing, I wonder what he thinks about preaching.




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