Disgraced Brian Houston Launches Australian Comeback Event

Brian Houston sent a signal months ago that he was not done with preaching after being ousted from Hillsong and subsequent details of his mismanagement emerged. He has recently concluded a rehab tour in the United States. Now he’s returning to the Big Eva scene down under hosting his first event in several months. The […]

Podcast: Discussing Eternity News, International Big Eva. Guest: The Other Paul

https://youtu.be/zUd7liZH5MQ The Other Paul returns to lead the conversation about Eternity News, the most prominent Big Eva site down under. In the last conversation we had, Paul gave us the rundown of what it’s like in Australia and the state of its church. That is where the conversation begins today as he reports a more […]

Brian Houston court case deferred to next year

In early August, Brian Houston was indicted for concealing sex abuse of his late homosexual pedophile father, Frank Houston. Evangelical Dark Web has been reporting on and tracking this story. Houston was expected to have a court appearance on November 23, 2021. However, his case has now been deferred to next year. The next court appearance is […]

State of the church Australia

Evangelical Dark We

https://youtu.be/eI1hEDxF4_8 In the ninth Evangelical Dark Web livestream, we get insight on the church in Australia from a local perspective. tackling heavy topics like lockdowns, Australia’s political climate, the pro-life movement, and Brian Houston. All of these things provide much insight into the church in Australia. Essentially Paul describes how churches aren’t meeting in Australia’s […]

Tonight: Evangelical Dark Web to host The Other Paul to talk Australia

Ray Fava will be hosting a livestream on the Evangelical Dark Web YouTube channel to talk to The Other Paul to discuss all things related to the church in Australia: their Christian media, their lockdowns, Brian Houston’s arrest, and more. It will start at 8pm EST tonight. Link below: https://youtu.be/eI1hEDxF4_8

Australian Big Eva continues defending evil government

https://youtu.be/TUsYyo8QPkE Practically every English common law heritage country is given over following a massive embrace of secularism. America has thus been delayed in following their path because we have a much larger and more significant remnant of believers. Australia is certainly a case of you get what you voted for. These people gave up freedom […]

The Gospel Coalition Pushes Vaccine Passports


https://youtu.be/2ysRz5ceZyQ The Gospel Coalition continues to peddle false doctrine and be wrong or weak on every major cultural issue. In Australia, The Gospel Coalition’s Overton Window is so warped that those in the world and of the world stand very much apart from their believers in other countries as The Gospel Coalition types continue to […]

The Australian Taliban

https://youtu.be/qLcZVhiUY-8 The caricature Evangelicals are often painted as is an American Taliban, that Christians want to implement their own form of Sharia law. But the more you itemize the policies of Christians and Islamists, the fewer similarities the results actually have. The Islamist and the theonomist don’t even agree on traditional marriage. In contrast, a […]

Hillsong’s Brian Houston condemns Christian athlete Israel Folau for quoting scripture

Yes you read that headline right. This story comes from Austrailia where the county’s largest megachurch, Hillsong, condemned rugby star, Israel Folau, for quoting scripture that condemned homosexuality, among other sins, and warned of hell. The two biblical passages paraphrased by Folau are 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Galatians 5:19-21. Now, this, predictably, earned a Fatwa from […]