Is America under the divine judgement of God?

Her Grace, the LifeWay Queen, is beginning to think that America is experiencing a divine reckoning (for not being woke enough). Is this true? Would God render judgement on America for the church not embracing social justice enough? What does Romans 1 say about God judging societies? Is there any hope in this Romans 1 […]

Beth Moore preached ‘happiness’ at Social Justice church

The Southern Baptist Convention went to great lengths to preserve complementarianism. This meant that many egalitarians had to leave. Many of them formed the apostate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. However, part of the mission of Evangelical Dark Web is to raise our decentralized banners to contend for the faith in this generation’s fight. Beth Moore stands […]

Baptist leader suggest congregants are violent

Southern Baptist have made preparations for SBC2020, the annual gathering that helps set the course for the future of the denomination. This year looks to be more contentious because of the dishonest means Resolution 9 was brought forth by the Resolutions Committee last year. Resolution 9 allows for Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to be […]

Beth Moore attacks discernment on social media. I wonder why…

On the upcoming release of her new book, Beth Moore took to Twitter on January 28, 2019 to lob an attack from on her high platform at those beneath her who criticize her and her teachings. Calling criticism slander, Beth Moore took an elitist tone towards the “tens of thousands” of people who on social […]

Beth Moore claims that conservative Evangelicalism died in 2016 (because of Trump)

When Mark Galli penned his article for Trump’s removal, Beth Moore was among the Big Eva elites praising it. Since then a number of Evangelical Dark Web publications have published their responses. The latest response to garner attention comes from the Christian Post written by John Grano and Richard Land. The post itself can be read […]

One does not simply ignore the Bible on a singular issue

In the Evangelical world, the battle against egalitarianism in the church is once more returning to a full boil as it did decades ago. Egalitarianism, in this context, believes that men and women are interchangeable in all ministerial functions. We saw this a few weeks ago with John MacArthur’s “Go home” comments directed at Beth […]

Why the latest outrage against John MacArthur is unwarranted

Because we are dealing with personalities here, let me first disclaim that the official position on both John MacArthur and Beth Moore. John MacArthur has a cult of personality of his own, especially in Calvinist circles, and that obsession is comparable to the Papists. I see issues with his character and have secondary issues when […]

DarkLinks 8: Beth Moore, Kanye, & latest abortion data analysed

So this latest edition of DarkLinks is pretty important. There’s a lot going on in the world of Evangelicals. We first start off a Southern Baptist church leaving over Beth Moore, in sharp contrast towards what was written earlier this week. Then we have some troubling news on Kanye West’s alleged conversion. Lastly we have […]

Beth Moore refuses open letter to clarify position on homosexuality, blocks author

A lettered penned by prominent Christian women’s discipleship writer, Michelle Lesley, asked Beth Moore to clarify her position on homosexuality after a series of silence and biblically questionable(putting it mildly) actions in her ministry around the issue. The letter is not confrontational towards Moore, however, it does ask that she confront the Bible and homosexuality. […]