Cameron Bertuzzi Makes Bank From Catholic Conversion Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported that a popular apologist, Cameron Bertuzzi converted to Catholicism. In the process, he was begging for money telling his audience that his ministry, Capturing Christianity, was six months from being shut down. For obvious reasons, it appeared strange that a YouTube ministry with at least $9000 net revenue […]

Christianity Today’s vegan propaganda

It’s not much of a secret that Christianity Today is Christian in name only. This became quite clear after they came out of the closet with Mark Galli’s unethical and unbiblical argument weighing into politics in December. But the influence of the magazine is not waned completely. And this season of lent they published vegan […]

DarkLinks 2: Bad responses to the EDW, losing to SJWs, and science!

  Deflect, Deny, Disguise! Three Bad Responses to the “Evangelical Dark Web” by Jon Harris @ Worldview Conversations “Albert Mohler, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Mere Orthodoxy all seem to have responded in different ways to organizations that have exposed the social justice movement in evangelicalism. Their responses are instructive to say the least!”   Why are […]

Is Social Justice compatible with Biblical Justice?

In a growing movement referred to as Woke Evangelism, there is a greater emphasis on the church playing a role in social justice issues. This movement was sizable enough for church leaders to address with the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. The problem, that the SSJG points out, is that the notion of […]

How Churches are called to handle sex abuse

2018 has renewed many problems within the Catholic Church and their handling of pedophile priest, along with other sex abusers. Many Catholics so boldly deflect the issue of sexual abuse within the Church as a problem within God’s universal church, not specifically their denomination.¬†Matt Walsh, a notoriously devoted Catholic wrote this in defense, practically accusing […]

Update: 3 concerning updates on Pope Francis

Early February, I penned an article entitled “3 concerning updates on Pope Francis.” Today, I feel the need to do a followup because one of the stories, Story 1, just received a major update in the past week. Story 1 addresses the Pope’s involvement or lack of involvement in the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. […]