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Cameron Bertuzzi

Cameron Bertuzzi Makes Bank From Catholic Conversion

Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported that a popular apologist, Cameron Bertuzzi converted to Catholicism. In the process, he was begging for money telling his audience that his ministry, Capturing Christianity, was six months from being shut down. For obvious reasons, it appeared strange that a YouTube ministry with at least $9000 net revenue a month would have a monthly net loss of $3000. Perhaps even stranger that Bertuzzi announced, in the same video, a trip to the Vatican, albeit with presumable the flight and lodging at another YouTuber’s expense.

In Evangelicalism, we have to deal with the likes of Benny Hinn and Paula White. There are also a host of other unbiblical tithing teachings. Cameron Bertuzzi applied these same sales tactics on a Catholic audience who put out to support him with at least 268 new patrons on his Patreon account. The minimum monthly net revenue from these new patrons would be $1273. If the average net revenue per customer were $11.79, he would exceed his $3000 operating loss.

This is a fascinating occurrence as one could conclude that he converted to Catholicism for the money. This seems dubious as his wife is not following him to Rome.

Within weeks of starting the Catholic conversion process, Bertuzzi had done a livestream insisting he was remaining protestant, which some have since called disingenuous, as many foresaw his conversion.

But in the end, this is a career for Bertuzzi. For him, Grifting ain’t easy, but it is necessary.

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