Unpopular Opinion: The Georgia Senate runoff was inconsequential

For the last couple of months, there was a debate raging in conservatism about whether to turn out for the Georgia Senate runoffs. I was reticent on this issue until election night, where I made several comments blaming the Republicans for their own defeat. And while I will call out Raphael Warnock for being a […]

The real political realignment is masculinity vs effeminacy

With the election results trickling in, while the winner is yet known at the top of the ticket, a lot of inferences about our culture can be made by the results that we know. What we can tell from the data is that there is some sort of realignment in our culture, one that has […]

Minutes from the Rubicon

As a student of history, I look back to see what historic events rhyme with present day. In 2012, I remember hearing people say that America was as divided as it had been since the Civil War. Each year, this has gotten considerably worse. And with 2020, America is certainly having its crisis of its […]

Why I Voted For Donald Trump

After writing The Christian Case For Trump 2020, I made the best arguments in voting affirmatively for Trump what the Bible says and the cultural worldview battles that are at play. I believe them to be the most compelling arguments in affirmative to vote for Trump. However, I have consistently maintained that a Christian case […]

The Christian Case for Trump 2020

Evangelicals are one of the most important voting blocks in American elections. And as always, we should seek to vote according to our Christian worldview and convictions. And while this is not an exhaustive list of reasons to affirmatively support Trump with your vote, these are my top reasons to vote Trump in 2020. Trump […]

Is Trump’s character really the issue?

One of the most unique objections to Donald Trump is that his character is irreconcilable when it comes to the question of voting for him. This objection was recently renewed with John Piper and was one of the primary concerns of the “Never Trump” movement in 2016. But is this a real standard that people […]

John Piper Soothes Conscience of Biden Voters

There is no shortage of articles that attempt to sooth the conscience of Biden voters from major evangelical figures. But some are more impactful than others and John Piper of Desiring God would be one of those cases. But the quality of work John Piper does is reconciling his arguments with Scripture is the quality […]

Mike Pence unfairly attacked for not being pro-life enough.

You can always count on Evangelical elites to obfuscate major issues, abortion being among them. During Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential Debate, Mike Pence utterly dominated Kamala Harris Now I do not know if Vice President Mike Pence agrees with this position, but he was not asked on his position on abortion. Instead, the Vice President […]

Watch: Donald Trump debates Chris Wallace on Critical Race Theory

One of the most surprising acts of President Trump was him taking up the fight against Critical Race Theory. In September, I reported on Trump’s initial action to exterminate teachings of Critical Race Theory on taxpayer dollars within the federal government. With President Trump, I judge him by his record, but I am willing to […]

President Trump fighting Critical Race Theory leaves churches without excuse

It is often said that politics is downstream from culture. As a corollary to that famous saying, culture is downstream from the church. Perhaps it is a great exception to this saying that President Trump has taken up purging the federal government of Critical Race Theory. On September 4th, the story broke that President Trump […]