Dave Rubin, Kanye West: Why Christians Must Condemn Surrogacy!

Last week Dave Rubin announced that he and his male partner were having twins via surrogacy, in that they procured two women’s eggs, utilized their own sperm to create two unique lives which were then implanted into a surrogate for gestation. In the world of conservative media, this garnered congratulatory praises from entities perceived as […]

Kanye West Needs To Repent of Producing Lil Nas X Music

Back in 2019, Kanye West took the world aback when he publicly and boldly declared Christ as his savior. Since then West’s world has been publicly hectic, putting it mildly. A failed presidential run and a divorce later, Kanye West finds himself living in Mercedes-Benz Stadium producing his looming album. But before that album, Lil […]

Should Christians support Kanye West for President?

America has been craving someone to break the political duopoly for decades. Furthermore America has not had a Christian President in decades. Enter Kanye West for President. He launched himself into the fray by calling the nation back to God. I do believe that politics is a legitimate realm for Christian influence to take hold […]

Is Michael Todd a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Michael Todd preaches the Prosperity and Popularity Gospels. His potential danger is one of Joel Osteen levels. Preface At the request of one of our readers, we have been asked to investigate whether Michael Todd is a false teacher. You can make a request here, and we will honor it. It is a […]

DarkLinks 27: Max Lucado and Jen Hatmaker

This edition of DarkLinks covers a rather slow period of activity outside of the whole Soros-EIT issues that we covered along with the video evidence of woke theology at SEBTS. And while it’s great to be able to report on these, it left us lacking of material for DarkLinks. Alas, the time has come to […]

Baby Christians need protection from Joel Osteen

When Kanye visited Joel Osteen’s church last weekend on the tenth, it drew all attention on to Kayne’s own salvation. Some said that associating with known and obvious false teachers was a sign that Kanye was not really saved. Other saw this as an opportunity to preach the gospel to an unreached audience. But Kanye […]

DarkLinks 15: Chick-Fil-A capitulation

  Chick-fil-A offers pitiful excuse for caving to radical progressive pressure By Blaine Traber @ NOQ Report I’m not going to involve myself in the “Cancel Culture” and either call for boycotts of Chick-fil-A or even boycott them myself. I love the sandwiches and I enjoy the spectacular service. There are much worse organizations to […]

Why we are right to be skeptical of Kanye’s conversion

This is a topic I have wanted to address for weeks, especially since I documented how the Sunday Service promoted the Popularity Gospel with Rick Wilkerson Jr giving the message that presented Jesus in an idolatrous way, using soteriological passages to convey a message of self-improvement rather than salvation. Since then, however, there has been […]

DarkLinks 8: Beth Moore, Kanye, & latest abortion data analysed

So this latest edition of DarkLinks is pretty important. There’s a lot going on in the world of Evangelicals. We first start off a Southern Baptist church leaving over Beth Moore, in sharp contrast towards what was written earlier this week. Then we have some troubling news on Kanye West’s alleged conversion. Lastly we have […]

The Popularity Gospel of Kanye West’s Sunday Service

For months now, Kanye West has rebranded his reputation as a more spiritual musician after comments about being used by Candace Owens. He has launched a series of concerts he calls Sunday Service. But the concerts contain a plethora of gospel music and a number of collaborations. The Sunday Service has been kept under wraps […]