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Kanye West Needs To Repent of Producing Lil Nas X Music

Back in 2019, Kanye West took the world aback when he publicly and boldly declared Christ as his savior. Since then West’s world has been publicly hectic, putting it mildly. A failed presidential run and a divorce later, Kanye West finds himself living in Mercedes-Benz Stadium producing his looming album.

But before that album, Lil Nas X released his latest song “Industry Baby” with a music video. Known for producing Satan Shoes against the wishes of Nike and music videos with him lap dancing on Satan, Kanye West attached himself to a project that would ultimately glorify prison buttsex. The funniest comment in the comment section reads, “The first rap video where seeing a woman’s butt caught me off guard.” which should give you a picture of how homoerotic this music video is.

It’s an easy case to make that a Christian should not be producing songs that can reasonably be foreseen to be used in homoerotic music videos that target children (because Lil Nas X is child friendly per YouTube). Thus the seemingly innocuous lyrics are not a good excuse. If Kanye West had any foreknowledge of the music video, he should have removed himself from the song entirely. But certainly after the Satan lap dance he should have parted ways with Lil Nas X, as their creative visions are incompatible with a Christian walk.

Kanye West looks like he is suffering, in part, for his faith with his divorce with Kim Kardashian. But at the same time he has also fallen easy prey to wolves in the past. Kanye West may be a regenerate Christian, and we should all hope that he is. And because we are assuming this, for now, we urge him to repent of being apart of this depravity. Otherwise, he is leaving us little reason to doubt he is using Christianity as a grift or means of attention.


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