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Both Ahmaud Arbery and Kyle Rittenhouse received justice: Provocation vs. Self Defense

After 10 hours of juror deliberations, the defendants Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan were convicted for their involvement in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. The differences in their convictions are as follows: Travis McMichael, the shooter, was the only one convicted on all counts, including Count 1, Malice Murder; the father, Gregory […]

Black Rifle Coffee Company Goes Cringe Black Rifle Coffee Company has a PR nightmare on its hands as the company seeks to make nine figures in revenue. After using the Second Amendment as a marketing ploy, the company was exposed when their owner was found to have never donated to a conservative candidate while donating to multiple democrats. Additionally, their […]

Big Eva Silent on Rittenhouse Verdict

Quick to slander and slow to apologize has certainly characterized the response of The Gospel Coalition to the Rittenhouse verdict. Yet the same could not be said of Big Eva with regards to the Derek Chauvin verdict and will likely not be said of the imminent verdict relating to the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Whether […]

Why Kyle Rittenhouse should sue The Gospel Coalition


The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse now frees him up to level his slanderers, of which the list is long. Even those in Conservative media largely failed to back him up. But Kyle Rittenhouse is certainly eligible to get him some of that Nick Sandmann money. In short there were a large portion of the population […]

The Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal marks America’s best day of 2021

Let’s face it, 2021 has been a dreadful year for the United States of America. Joe Biden is propped up at the helm of a nation’s death undermining its economy, military, and liberty. It’s been a year full of losses for the declining nation. The Afghan withdrawal being the most unifying event in recent memory […]

The Second Amendment Is On Trial Many conservative commentators refused to stick their nose out for Kyle Rittenhouse and now find themselves jumping on the bandwagon because the trial has gone favorably for the defense thus far. Big Eva is perhaps worse, given that The Gospel Coalition slandered Kyle Rittenhouse as a mass shooter on the same level as Dylan […]

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Began The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is underway, in what is the most high profile trial since Derek Chauvin. Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with murder for killing two communist rioters during the Kenosha riots. Evangelical Dark Web has long been outspoken about the injustice of charging someone with murder for killing in self defense. […]

Twitter vs Kyle Rittenhouse

One of the phrases that will get you banned on Twitter is “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.” Despite the presumption of innocence and a cut and dry self defense case, Twitter has deemed this statement unacceptable on their platform. I would know. I’ve been flagged twice for it. This was the second time which admittedly […]

Black Rifle Coffee Company hates your guts

Conservative culture is rife with people trying to use ideology to grift off of a devoted pool of people who will support any company that stands apart from Leftist corporatism. The story of Black Rifle Coffee Company is not particularly new, but resurfaced when the New York Times published a profile piece about it founders, […]

The Gospel Coalition slanders Kyle Rittenhouse


If there was an article that makes clear the decline of The Gospel Coalition, K. Edward Copeland ramble about why he hates the month of August is it in this post. The article appropriately titled “Why I Hate August” was published on Saturday in reaction to the Kenosha riots and Kyle Rittenhouse. Copeland begins with […]