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DarkLinks 30: Paula White, Joyce Meyer, and critiquing the pro-life movement

This edition of DarkLinks most certainly has a more feminine bent to it. I wanted to start off with an article on Paula White. We will be gearing to launch a deeper campaign to raise awareness about her soon. Next, and I loved this article, we dive into a scathing critique of the pro-life movement, suggesting that pro-lifers have been hating women, but not in the way you think. I enjoyed reading this piece and its thorough rejection of victimology. Next a more uplifting update on Joyce Meyer. And lastly we close with an article I’ve been shelving on philosophy that I think is useful.


Paula White is a fraud and heretic who should be removed from the White House

By JD Rucker @ NOQ Report

President Trump (and all of us) need sound doctrine to be flowing into his ears. There will be populists and secularists who don’t consider White’s heretical teachings to be a big concern as the President likely doesn’t take much of her advise very seriously, but the optics are horrible and the attachment to a rich televangelist con-artist does not help make the case for most evangelicals to vote for him. Thankfully, there is a much better case for that, a case that means most evangelicals will vote for him in November in spite of Paula White.

We must pray for our President and our nation. In doing so, we should pray that he is not misled by this charlatan he has allowed into his White House, even giving her the lofty responsibility of advising him on spiritual issues. There are literally thousands of people who would be better advisers on issues of the spirit than Paula White, and I’m being conservative with my estimate. It could be millions, as I’d rather he sought spiritual advise from my 13-year-old than from his current spiritual adviser. My 13-year-old likely has a better understanding of the true Gospel based on the little I’ve heard from Paula White.


How The Pro-Life Movement Hates Women

By Cheryl Arlene Shellie @ The Joyful Patriarchy Wife

The secular pro-life movement has some mantras that sound really great. Usually accompanied by beautiful pictures of born babies saying things such as “our value is not determined by our size”, “LIFE is beautiful”, “abortion stops a beating heart”, and “women deserve better than abortion”. If our value is not determined by our size then why do we have pro life legislations that have been passed over 1,193 times since 1973? Legislation that permits babies in the womb to be killed by dismemberment, vacuum, and poisoning. Legislation that permits babies in the womb to be killed based off of their size/gestation? If life is beautiful then why does pro life legislation make exceptions that permit some lives to be exterminated? Can we honestly say that abortion stops a beating heart when ALL pro life legislation permits babies to be euthanized whose hearts have yet formed? If women deserve better than abortion, what do babies deserve? The babies are the only actual victims of abortion, it is the babies whom deserve better than abortion. The babies deserve more than being delivered over to death without committing any crime worthy of death. In the entire scenario of abortion the babies are the only persons that have not been a complicit party or an accomplice in murder.

Here, I submit to you that the pro-life movement pushes a false narrative. A lie. A narrative that is comfortable for most Christians to support, because the false narrative is that women who murder their child by abortion, are victims. The pro-life movement has made billions of dollars with this narrative. This narrative is very lucrative for the bank account. You see, to push the narrative that women are really victims in their abortion/murder of their child soothes the consciences of those that have procured an abortion, paid for an abortion, or aided, or encouraged someone in getting an abortion. Do you see where the hate is involved here? First of all, pro lifeism is not Christian. Its arguments are based on humanism and not the Word of God. Most pro-life celebrities will identify as Christian, but they will be the first to tell you they must use reason and not push their Christianity on others.


Did Joyce Meyer Actually Preach the Gospel?

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Could Meyer actually be moving to an orthodox view of Christianity? One could only hope. But, if she is, she has a long way to go. And if she wanted to demonstrate genuine repentance and faith, she could start by stepping down and obeying 1 Corinthians 14:34. Otherwise, I’m just tempted to believe that — as a broken clock is right twice a day — she may just be speaking out of both sides of her mouth.


What Philosophy Is, and Why You Can’t Avoid It

By J Brian Huffing

Many Christians believe that philosophy is a pagan discipline that is practiced either by ivory tower professors or Starbucks hippies.This belief has led some to object to the relevance of philosophy, as either they believe only a relatively few can do it, or that it deals with such weird and abstract issues that it is a waste of time. Many Christian theologians object that philosophy is rooted in paganism, and thus has no place in Christian theology. After explaining what philosophy is, it should become clear that not only do these objections fail, but philosophy is unavoidable.


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