Watch: Andy Stanley – Obvious False Teacher


The Evangelical Dark Web exposes Andy Stanley’s heretical worldview. Andy Stanley is a pastor at one of America’s largest megachurches 5th according to Wikipedia, #1 according to Outreach. His influence on the evangelical church is perhaps second to none. As a result many, Christians and churches are influenced by his teachings. This video is intended to be a concise way to show fellow believers that Andy Stanley is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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    • For the sake of brevity there’s are unused footage from those same sermons. Like how he rants against the Ten Commandments on courthouses and stuff.


  1. […] The Wuhan Coronavirus has exposed many false teachers in how they shut down their faith healing events so easily in light of the coronavirus. This has not stopped others, even these same people, from making ridiculous statements and false claims of prophesies in relation to coronavirus. This themed edition of DarkLinks tackles bad teaching on the coronavirus. We begin with a Pulpit and Pen article that links to the database they are collecting on false teachers trying to capitalize off of coronavirus. We also feature a warning against those who would use the virus to advance the Social Justice Gospel in the church. We feature a glimmer of hope from JD Rucker who wrote a piece similar to my own. And lastly we have a followup on Andy Stanley because there’s plenty of material that did not make our video. […]


  2. […] Regardless of how one may feel about that particular doctrinal issue [women preaching], the message preached by Beth Moore was substance of narcissism that should not be preached in any church by any pastor. The message focused on achieving personal happiness, her social media experience, some incoherent rant about humility an imprecise note on fellowship. Much of her sermon was aimed at shouting down her opponents. It was an unbefitting message of self-love, but not substantive to merit a video response like Steve Furtick’s modalism or Andy Stanley’s Marcionism. […]


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