Cultural Impact of Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans

This is not the type of content that you would expect a Christian to produce, yet it is necessary to ask these questions so that we can prepare for the near future of what the culture will challenge us with. Just like how it was necessary to address polyamory back in March (and unlike Preston Sprinkle we do not believe people pursue this with good intentions), it is necessary to not only address the rising platform of OnlyFans but Bella Thorne’s entrance to it. In this video, I break down the possible cultural impacts of this event.

It is worth noting that this was recorded prior to it being made apparent that Bella Thorne is evidently bamboozling a bunch of simps. Still, this does not negate what was said in the video. In fact it furthers my point about the suppression of e-thot wages. Yes, this video contains a brief economics lesson.

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