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Jory Micah ‘Outdumbs’ Andy Stanley

Sometimes a person can be outsmarted, but in this instance a person was outdumbed. Jory Micah is one of the most notorious heretics on social media. She was one of the first false teachers ever written about in depth by the Evangelical Dark Web. For comparison, Micah is basically Beth Moore in 10 years. Andy Stanley is quite notorious in his own right. Being the son of a prominent preacher, he built a reputation of his own by being a church growth master in Big Eva. The influence of his book “Deep and Wide” can be felt in suburban megachurches everywhere. Andy Stanley preaches a palatable Popularity Gospel designed to put butts in seats, at the expense of important concepts like sin and the relationship between the old and new covenants.

Jory Micah tweeted this nonsensical inner thought that articulates a distinction between being biblical and being Christlike. The obvious problem here is no real distinction exists. Jory Micah routinely denies the authenticity and authority of Scripture, so by what standard does she know what it means to be Christlike?

With a postmodern worldview, Jory Micah fails to realize the subjectivity she places on the word “biblical” could equally be applied to the word “Christlike” because Scripture is not an authority to her.

And Andy Stanley is hanging out in the comment section in complete agreement. He runs the 5th largest church in the United States. A mile wide and an inch deep.


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