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July 2021 EDW Report

Every month, readers of the Evangelical Dark Web get to read the progress that they are supporting. July was the best month ever by every metric, in both written and video content. There was no lull in the action. July started off with the General Assembly of the PCA. Evangelical Dark Web provided some of the best coverage of this event on the internet. Many competitors(a term of endearment in this case) did not cover the story leaving a void. Moreover when Christian Post covered the story of Overture 23 three days late, it was an embarrassingly shallow article that I cannot believe someone got paid to write. The PCA showed a distinct contrast to the SBC this summer. Additionally, the sermongate scandal continued with Docent Research Group becoming the main focus. Protestia broke a major story, to which Evangelical Dark Web responded by racing to find more information. In July we released a series of Docent Dumps exposing the clients of Docent Research Group.

Defeating the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

On the evening of July 10th, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus filed a DMCA takedown request which resulted in a copyright strike on the EDW YouTube channel, in a flagrant violation of copyright law to suppress criticism of their work. Ultimately this copyright fight was won by Evangelical Dark Web late July, the video was restored. We did not retreat, and we won.

Quick Stats


Evangelical Dark Web has invested heavily into a two pronged approach of written and video content, and in July this paid off big time. With a gain of over five hundred subscribers in July, Evangelical Dark Web became monetized on YouTube, which evidently has far better ad rates than the pathetic rates of WordPress Dot Com. Right now it’s a rather fun to experiment with what offensive content the YouTube algorithm is capable of catching.

The content surrounding SFGMC, the PCA, and BRCC launched the channel to new audiences which thus raised the critical mass of the average video put out. The PCA coverage as referenced was a greater rarity that was not provided by many similar channels. In August, the anticipation will be to circle back to covering more megachurch pastors and exposing the Revoice Movement.


July was a busy month covering sermongate and the Docent Research Group story. Though we did not issue any verdicts, that energy was spent exposing the users of Docent, which is ongoing story. In addition to exposing an influential woke denomination, a story currently in progress but has been put on ice, we hope to expose the Revoice Movement and its supporters. Alternatively we may publish a verdict on Brian Tome, as much progress on that was already made in the article on him.

Personal Note

A baby is expected to arrive early but healthy this month. I thank you for your prayers for my family, during this time. This may interfere with deliverables.

Site Changes

This should hopefully be the month where this happens. The goal is for readers not to be impacted all that much. The new site will lead to all sorts of expansion opportunities including practical resources for discerning Christians, podcast hosting, connections to alternative social media, and more. (With this in the works, I put a hold on expanding the current site.)

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