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Andrew Woodard

NYC Church leaflets go viral for right reason

It’s rare to see a church in New York City be in the city but not of the city. Tim Keller is certainly a high profile example of this phenomenon. But there is a positive example coming from Providence Baptist Church, a reformed Baptist church in New York City. They passed out leaflets at a faith-based college advertising their church to students. On their leaflets, they lay out all the questions that someone would have about the pressing issues of our time.


They make it clear that they are following biblical ecclesiology and are not enacting any Branch Covidian theater as a requirement for worshipping Christ. They also make it clear that they are not in any way shape or form woke.

The pastor responds to the notoriety.

PBC also advertises help with obtaining religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine, despite NYC enacting a passport system. In an age where many churches are compromised, it’s good to highlight a church that is actively striving to remain faithful. If you are looking for a church in NYC (first why are you living there?), we recommend this one.

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