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Bolshevik Beth Moore

Beth Moore’s Advice To Women Surprisingly Based

God once spoke through an ass, and as it would turn out a false teacher like Beth Moore would accidentally make an incredibly based statement on Twitter that is a repudiation of her entire ministry. Feminism is, in my opinion, is a bigger issue in the church right now than Critical Race Theory, yet while Beth Moore thought she was making a “slay Queen” tweet, she was unintentionally making the opposite point about simpvangelicalism, a condition in which professing believers fear women more than they fear God.

Within the church, the first environment that isn’t a low hanging fruit that comes to mind is the Southern Baptist Convention. The SBC is driven by a fear of women to the point where they paid Jennifer Lyell for what was, biblically, an adulterous relationship. This comes at a time when the culture at large is starting to reject the MeToo Movement.

Additionally, we have talked a lot about feminism undermining the pro-life movement. Also in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission opposed legislation calling abortion homicide because of the implication on women who murder their children.

And lastly the modesty grenade could be lobbed to drive this point home. Feminine sins are generally called out less than masculine sins.  American women, particularly single white college educated women, are the country’s most liberal demographic, eagerly embracing demonic ideology. But men are too afraid to recognize this because they are often either ignorant or simps.

Beth Moore delivered some truth, but she is the worst messenger on the subject given how her career was built off of men being afraid to challenge her because they were more afraid of her than God. Yet perhaps irony was the best way to get the message across about simpvangelicalism.

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7 Responses

  1. How did God speak through a “donkey’s rear-end”? Can you give chapter and verse, please?

    1. Numbers 22
      30 The ass said: Am not I thy beast, on which thou hast been always accustomed to ride until this present day? tell me if I ever did the like thing to thee. But he said: Never.

      1. Numbers 22:28 “The the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam,….” The donkey is speaking from her mouth. The word “ass” is referring to the actual donkey, not her rear-end. No where in scripture does it say that God spoke through the donkey’s rear-end. This needs to be corrected in the article.

        1. No one could reasonably think he meant flatulence, and I don’t think you did either. You’re either guilty bearing false witness or guilty of a red herring (it’s tough to nail down the exact fallacies of grammar “national socialists”). It’s a blog, not a doctoral thesis.

      2. I have no idea what in the world you’re referring to. I didn’t say anything about flatulence. It’s very clear. The above article states: “God once spoke through a donkey’s rear end” and I wanted to know where in scripture the Lord said that. You couldn’t answer me and when I clearly showed you via scripture that the Bible states that the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, you start attacking me with some insane charge about flatulence. This is why the majority of “Christians” should not have a discernment blog. You need some humility and pray for God to rid you of your pride.

        1. Okay I’ll pretend you’re not playing dumb. There’s this thing called autocorrect. I’m sure you’re aware of it. Changed ass to rear-end. As has happened to all of us with autocorrect,
          we change the wrong word and mess it up even more, going from ass’s mouth to donkeys rear end. And with even less imagination we can think, how does a rear end speak? Just some childish humor. You are coming off as one of those “Ha! You misspoke therfore you’re wrong” commentors and it’s old, really old. Forgive me for being a smart-rear end (that’s smart-ass). And no one can be proud of getting sucked in by a grammer troll.

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