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Roy Blunt

SBC Senator, Roy Blunt, Should Be Excommunicated

Include in the twelve republican senators who voted for the “Respect for Marriage Act” was outgoing Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri. While it was expected that the RINO’s like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski would vote to affirm sodomitical relationships and state sponsored persecution of Christians, Roy Blunt, of Missouri was an outlier amongst the twelve. Where others were expected to fold, like Ron Johnson, Blunt’s prominence history as a Baptist university president makes this transgression all the more shameful.

For years the SBC, through the Baptist Press, has celebrated congressional figures associated with the SBC upon their winning of elections and taking office as they keep a tally on the Representatives they have identified as having membership. For the current list of Senators and Congressmen, Baptist Press’s 2021 article provides interesting names, including Lindsey Graham. Between both chambers, Roy Blunt was the only documented Southern Baptist to vote for gay “marriage.”

In light of the recent vote to proceed with gay “marriage,” the identity of Roy Blunt, who served as President of Southern Baptist University between 1993-1996, should be most highlighted and scrutinized by the church. The outgoing senator has already voted this year to pass gun control at the federal level and has already signaled his support for “gay marriage” believing it to be distinguishable from matrimony. Formerly, Blunt supported the Federal Marriage Amendment; now he is outwardly in support of sodomy.

According to the Baptist Press, Roy Blunt is a member of FBC Branson. Whether he is an active member remains unknown. Nevertheless, this is an instance demanding church discipline via excommunication. For an active member of any legitimate church to accept its members codifying homosexual relationships, abortion, or any number of degeneracies is revelatory to their soul, negating any claim of salvation. Therefore, the Blunt’s of the world must publicly be handed over to Satan for their own repentance.

It very well could be that Blunt has not attended a church since his 2016 reelection campaign and therefore the only action necessary is to disavow and strike his name from the records. It very well could be that Blunt only attends church for political pandering, yet I imagine Blunt has a bevy of connections within the Missouri Baptist community from his time at SBU and in his lengthy political career.

Based on the SBC’s claim, Jeremy Thomas is the Pastor of FBC Branson, in what seems like a typical SBC church, and therefore appears to be the man to take up the charge (assuming the information is accurate).

Presently, Richard Melson is President of SBU, to which Senator Blunt spoke at his inauguration in 2021. Just as the local church must disavow this disgraceful politician, so too should his alma mater, which might carry more weight than a local church.

Church discipline is a lost art, even for the Vatican, which gladly administers communion to Nancy Pelosi. Elders must take up this duty to rebuke and discipline those in the pews who have internalized depraved notions. There should be no one who is pro-abortion in any capacity in the church, nor should the church be filled with members who affirm sodomy. Let Roy Blunt be marked in his home state. 

Yet he is not the only supposed Southern Baptist in Congress who requires discipline and rebuke. 

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