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Big Eva Pushes Enneagram Conference

The enneagram has been branded as a personality test for Christians becoming a significant part in Evangelical subculture. Big names, like Russell Moore are headlining the Gospel For The Enneagram Conference.

The origins of the enneagram personality test are somewhat unclear and subject to debate. The enneagram is a model of human personality that describes nine interconnected personality types or “enneatypes” and the relationships between them.

One theory about the origins of the enneagram is that it has roots in Sufism, a mystical tradition within Islam. According to this theory, the enneagram was originally used as a tool for spiritual growth and self-awareness, and was later adapted for use in psychology and personality assessment.

Another theory is that the enneagram has its origins in ancient Greek philosophy, specifically the teachings of Pythagoras. Pythagoras believed that everything in the universe could be reduced to a series of numbers, and his teachings on the properties of numbers are said to have influenced the development of the enneagram.

In the modern era, the enneagram was popularized by a number of teachers and writers, including George Gurdjieff and Oscar Ichazo in the mid-20th century. They developed their own unique approaches to the enneagram, and their work has influenced many contemporary enneagram grifters.

In the 1970s and 1980s, a number of psychologists and therapists began to use the enneagram as a tool for personality assessment and self-awareness. Among these were Claudio Naranjo and Don Riso, who developed their own systems for understanding the enneagram and its nine personality types.

Jackie Hill Perry denounced the enneagram after researching its origins calling it demonic. But according to Phil Vischer, she merely caused panic.

The conference is being thrown by Tyler Zach. He is an enneagram guy who has written numerous books on the nine personality types. He is utilizing the Kajabi platform to throw the conference. The conference appears to be a who’s who of enneagram grifters with the notable exception of Russell Moore, an all around Big Eva whore.

In case you missed it, this conference even has a woke panel which will be interesting to follow up on.

The conference states that it’s free but only for 24 hours after within each session. Afterwards it’s $87 for lifetime access to the resources.

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