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Donald Trump Jr

Team Trump Has A Transgenderism Problem

The Bud Light blunder heard wrong the world has wrecked a company that has a history of supporting the Republican Party. Yet that won’t stop the very Republicans from labeling Bud Light gay and boycotting the parent company for promoting Dylan Mulvaney, America’s most infamous transvestite.

Donald Trump Jr. has come out pleading with Republicans to let up on the Bud Light protest claiming that the head execs at the company did not know about the campaign, while touting the company’s track record.

What Trump Jr. advocates is relenting when Anheuser-Busch has not even taken appropriate action to undo branding their most popular brand, Bud Light, as a gay beer. If they are as conservative as he says, then head should roll.

But Don Jr. is not as conservative as he says, and this presents a liability for the Trump campaign and brand. On April 6, Trump Jr. appeared on the Full Send Podcast and announced his support for transgenderism, as long as it’s consenting adults. 

Dude, if you’re an adult and you want to be trans and you do it. Great! If you’re happy you’re productive? Great. I actually don’t give a shit. I’m fairly liberal on the issue.

Don Jr. would later go on to point out how transgenderism can be played like a card for personal gain, like scholarships, prison sentences, etc.

The position that Don Jr. hold may be popular but it’s indefensible. When you surrender the premise of the argument to protect the children, you will lose the argument and the children.

If transgenderism is true for adults, then it is also true for children. Moreover, doctors should not be allowed to transgender patients as that is an obvious Hippocratic oath violation. Many libertarians seem to want to live in a society where doctors are free to harm patients with impunity because consent, but this is highly immoral and will corrupt and has already corrupted our medical system.

Moreover, Bruce Jenner has joined Don Jr. in supporting Bud Light and was reportedly at Mar A Lago.

Don Jr. is clearly compromised on the issue, and Donald Trump earlier in his 2024 Presidential campaign had some solid things to say on this issue, but Don Jr. is undermining that while representing the Trump brand.

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2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty much the position of the establishment republican party. And it has been following on the democrat’s heels like this for many decades. Presenting itself as the slightly lesser evil, but yet more evil than it was the election before. In recent years it has officially endorsed the abomination of homosexuality, and is now endorsing the transvestite abomination, with the exception of children. Apparently the strategists believe we will support the lesser of abominable evils. Whatever side you vote for, you’ll be endorsing abominable sin.

    Give it another couple of election cycles, the republican party will probably be endorsing abominable sin for, and to, children also, and the parties will have moved on to another and worser issue – pedophilia, bestiality, or who knows what

    I can tell them, in my case and probably many others, if those are the only two options I have in a given race, I will not vote. I’m done with it. I cannot and will not endorse what they stand for. Choosing between the lesser of democrat or republican evils is like being forced to choose between Sodom or Gomorrah. No thanks.

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