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Preston Sprinkle Promotes Transgenderism

Evangelical Dark Web has long reported on Preston Sprinkle’s errant Side B theology. Given his background of The Master’s Seminary, he has been given far more credence in theologically orthodox circles than many other Side B proponents. Yet nonetheless Side B is a wicked twisting of the doctrine of sin. Side B theology has an inadequate response to transgenderism as it wavers on whether the phenomenon is real and what should be done about it. Over the weekend, Preston Sprinkle tweeted in support of a tranny’s explanation of pronoun usage.

In the tweet, Preston Sprinkle affirms the fictional category of “transgender woman” which is a transvestite male. Preston Sprinkle has routinely been hailed as a subject matter expert on this issue in Big Eva, yet he capitulates and promotes the degeneracy.

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6 Responses

  1. Yet another example of the madness, confusion, and destruction that results from factoring God out of the equation. It is an atheistic mindset. The “sciences” say that what you are is defined by others, yourself, experts, and so on. It’s a long list these days, but it boils down to a continuous avoidance of the reality that you are what God says you are.

    Identifying others as anything other than what God says they are is to dishonor and sin against the Lord, and it is also to sin against them whether they like or understand it or not. It is to bear false witness against the Lord Himself and His created order. It is to tell them they are something other than what God says they are, and that is one of the most damaging and destructive lies that could ever be spoken.

    And the same applies to what we tell ourselves. We are what God says we are. Any argument that avoids or rejects that foundational truth is inherently sinful, wrong, destructive, and unhealthy.

    “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” – Prov 3:6

    No doubt they’ve all heard that verse, as we all have, but it still hasn’t sunk in. They still neglect to acknowledge Him. Any reasoning that factors Him out of the equation, and avoids the foundational truths that He established, will inevitably lead you astray, and possibly others as well. It’s a very dangerous and destructive sin.

    And of course that is just one reason it’s sinful, among many, including the fact that God’s word directly calls it an abomination.

    1. The point of agreement is that it is damaging, destructive, and unhealthy to be in a position of rejection and condemnation. It is indeed. In fact, God’s word says that such a state is eternally destructive.

      But the reality is that they have put themselves into that position. It is ultimately God who rejects them. And they will never be able to escape that truth, no matter how much affirmation they receive from others. Constantly they will be reminded of the inescapable truth that God’s word condemns them, and that God will reject them.

      The Bible is clear on how that problem is to be resolved. And it is very simple. The way you escape from a position of rejection and condemnation is to repent and turn from your sin. You don’t escape from such a prison by trying to imaging you’re not in it. You escape it by actually escaping it.

    2. There is nothing complicated or nuanced about it whatsoever. It is very simple.

      Our salvation is not in the approval of others or ourselves. Our salvation is in the approval of the Lord, which He freely gives to all who repent, accept Him as Lord Savior and Master, and turn from sin.

      It is prideful and arrogant to essentially tell them “what I say matters” – “my approval matters”. Well, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t matter. And Christians should have enough humility to say “look here, friend, what I say doesn’t matter. It’s not my approval that you need. It’s the Lord’s approval that you need”. Point them in the direction of the Lord.

    3. The Bible says to avoid and turn away from them as much as possible. But if you somehow get cornered, and if they get angry or upset when you don’t affirm their sin, one excellent response may be to just humbly ask the matter-of-fact question, “Why does my opinion matter to you?”

    4. Their minds are confused and conflicted. And deceitful philosophies and beliefs such as critical theory, evolution, social sciences, etc. keep them in bondage to that confusion.

      As they defiantly scream “It doesn’t matter what you say!” they simultaneously scream “It matters what you say!”

      We all know it makes no sense. We can see they are in bondage. But they can’t see it. They’re blind. As far as they’re concerned we are the problem. And we have to deal with it patiently, humbly, honestly, and straightforward, ourselves remaining submitted to the Lord.

    5. They will continue to pursue us. And as long as they do, we lead. So lead them straight to the Cross.

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