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Tim Keller

Examining Tim Keller’s Legacy

When a false teacher dies, there’s a tendency to downplay how villainous he truly was. Yet as noted several times on Evangelical Dark Web, Tim Keller’s final years made it exceedingly clear we were not on the same side. And the issues we we opposite weren’t miniscule either. They were different religions.

In truth, Tim Keller has always been a theological liberal. This is evident in his support for theistic evolution. Although he never posited his specific belief on the Creation account in Genesis, what Keller viewed as plausible contradicted Scripture by shoehorning Darwinian Evolution into Genesis.

The Social Justice Gospel was another false religion that Keller long supported. Keller’s Marxist leaning go back decades, which is in part why he was notorious for supporting the Democrat party. Tim Keller’s parting gift to the church was Biblical Critical Theory which is a massive Third-Wayism rebranding. Additionally, Tim Keller also promoted Side B theology which undermines biblical sexuality by changing the nature of sin and repentance. I do not think there’s a Revoice Conference without Tim Keller.

We can even look to the rise of the false religion of Branch Covidianism in which not only was Tim Keller on the wrong side, but he actively promoted villainous men like Francis Collins who funded gain of function research that created Covid.

Lastly the villainy of The Gospel Coalition cannot be understated. This ministry was an enemy within the church while Keller was at its helm. And it would be inconsistent to not hold Keller responsible for its part in leading the church astray.

All of this can be examined in more detail in our verdict on Tim Keller. In the end, there are heroes of the faith and there are villains of the faith. Tim Keller was a villain of the faith.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken Tim Keller also downplayed the doctrine of a literal hell, which my sincere hope is that he’s now not experiencing. It’s hard to fathom that someone who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ could espouse some of his apparent beliefs. Unfortunately, we are firmly ensconced in the Laodicean church of this age in my opinion. False teachers will only wax worse and worse as the age of grace draws to a close.

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