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David French

David French Surrenders Social Media

David French is one of the most insufferable regime approved Evangelicals out there. His hatred for the church earned him a writing gig at the New York Times. His liberalism is characterized by his affinity for Drag Queen Story Hour legalization which has also branched into his argument that transgendering kids is preferable to Christian Nationalism. Evidently, he’s had enough of Chrsitians trolling him on social media and is quitting Twitter/X for a time.

David French claims that Twitter is becoming more like Gab every day. Gab is the Christian-owned social media platform founded by Andrew Torba. And while David French can abide child abuse and pedophilia, he can no longer stomach mean tweets.

He is surrendering Twitter which is a massive W, as the platform isn’t going away anytime soon and is valuable for public debate.


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