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William Wolfe

G3’s Scott Aniol Attacks William Wolfe Using Right Wing Watch

For the second time ever, William Wolfe made it to Right Wing Watch, an organization that ironically gets some of the best conservative content out there. Yet some of the Anti-Christian Nationalist would unironically endorse the commentary of the vehemently anti-Christian organization in an attempt to dunk on William Wolfe.

As Ben Zeisloft of the Republic Sentinel points out:

William only mentions a “call to arms” because he was reading from an early American sermon about the French and Indian War, and he was approving of a “call to arms” strictly in the context of self-defense after all other options are exhausted, which is standard Christian doctrine.

The point was to extol the overall value of courage and developing a spine, and hardly even focused on laying out a Christian theology of self-defense. The rest of the forty-five-minute talk was about courage strictly in the context of prophetic witness and evangelism in the face of the idols of our day, such as abortion, transgenderism, and feminism, and the need for evangelicals to stand boldly where the battle rages hottest.

The complete context can be found here.

Scott Aniol, the Editor-In-Chief of G3 Ministries, seized the moment to attack William Wolfe.

The cowardly attack by Aniol was also echoed by the longhouse church lady, Janet Mefferd.

Scott Aniol’s tacit support of Right Wing Watch’s attack on Wolfe did not go over well and was ratio’d heavily. And this attack on a brother using liberal propaganda will not go over well with those who like, and perhaps fund, G3 Ministries.

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