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Tim Keller

Tim Keller Estate Lies About His Promotion Of Stephen Colbert’s Christian Witness

The ascension of Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House has led to media scrutiny of his faith. Among the scoffers is Stephen Colbert, the late night host and Covid Jab priestess. Stephen Colbert took aim at Speaker Mike Johnson over his positions on sexuality. As reported, Mike Johnson is exceedingly based on the issue of homosexually, especially compared to Richard Land who was head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, whilst he was a trustee. Colbert brought on Trasportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg to ascertain his feelings on the matter. This drew attention to the late Tim Keller who before dying lauded Colbert for his public witness.

Evangelical Dark Web reported on this at the time, and William Wolfe was quick to remind people that Tim Keller had lauded the Christian witness of a man attacking a Christian for believing the Bible.

His son Michael Keller came out and attacked Wolfe, lying about what Keller had said. Of course, Keller was lauding the public witness to outsiders, which makes Wolfe’s commentary on Keller’s views of evangelism accurate.

The legacy of Tim Keller is one of liberalism in the church, evident from his teachings, ministries, and followers. Keller should be viewed as a false teacher.

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