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Curtis Chang After Party

Curtis Chang Still Seethes Over David French Being Canceled By PCA

Days after the Presbyterian Church in America reversed course on its decision to invite David French to speak at the PCA General Assembly, the woke preachers are still mad. Curtis Chang is a partner with David French in The After Party, a political curriculum designed for Christians. He has been attacking the PCA over its decision which will ultimately spare Presbyterians from being influenced by The After Party’s curriculum and diminish all of their influences in Evangelicalism at large. The cancelation of David French was a huge win and Curtis Chang is making it bigger.

On Friday, Chang echoed his previous sentiments.

My good friend [David French] had been invited to speak at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church In America (PCA). But when his invitation was announced, the right-wing faction within the PCA — along with forces outside the PCA — generated a mob-like response to have him canceled. It’s tragic when individual Christians cancel other individuals who hold differing political views. But it is an outright catastrophe when an entire denomination does this. This week, the PCA caved into these right wing voices and canceled David’s invitation. This act sends a chilling signal that thoughtful and faithful voices like David’s are no longer welcome in the PCA. What happened next illustrates a dynamic that makes the fight to preserve the soul of American evangelicalism feel so one-sided. The dynamic is this: while the extremists are willing to generate virulent mob behavior to cancel the voice of what I’ll call the “thoughtful evangelical,” those who support that “thoughtful evangelical” voice don’t quite know how to respond. We tend to stay silent. We stay silent because it is so hard to respond to unfair attacks. Protest too loud, and you risk inflaming the mob further. But if you stay silent, the mob is encouraged that it can keep successfully canceling others, and in the long run, capture one institution after another. I currently don’t have an answer for this conundrum. But I have an invitation.

Although going on about his loss was embarrassing, he followed it up Friday evening with another post.

A follow up thought: One way to describe what the PCA national leadership did to [David French] is “bowing to mob cancel culture.” Another term, using Biblical language, is “violating the Biblical commandment for  hospitality” (i.e. 1 Peter 4:9; 3 John 1:5-8). Imagine a host that invites a guest to his home. The guest fully warns the host, “Are you sure? Some of your neighbors might not like me staying at your home.” The host reassures the guest that his invitation stands. So, the guest packs up his bags and leaves for the host. Just before the guest arrives, the host indeed hears loud complaints from the neighbors (the substance of which amounts to “We don’t like him”). The host caves to the pressure, and then broadcasts a public message to everyone that the guest is suddenly no longer welcome, and is indeed suspect. Would this not be an obvious violation of our basic Biblical understanding of hospitality? This is what happened to David French.

Curtis Change erroneously argues that canceling a wicked man from speaking to a denomination is a violation of hospitality and therefore sinful. Curtis Chang is seething in butthurt right now, and you love to see that.

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3 Responses

  1. What isn’t being asked is how French got invited in the first place. He shouldn’t have been on a short list of speakers let alone any list of guest speakers. The very fact that he was even invited to speak shows how corrupt those on whatever committee chose the speakers is. Liberalism runs deep and has to be rooted out. As a reluctant PCAer, most people only react to things instead of q how this even happened and then from the proper logical conclusion that this was intentional with the sole purpose of either dividing the PCA or trying to turn it more and more liberal. Either way the goal is the death of biblical teaching within the denomination. The PCA is supposed to be grass-roots, but the grass doesn’t care and barely pays any attention to what they are affiliated with.

    1. The PCA should never for a moment have considered inviting an apostate supporter of trans rights like David French. Not to mention that he has publicly abused the PCA itself. I guess they need to have t-shirts that say “Kick me, I’m winsome!”

  2. It is pretty obvious from this rant that Curtis Chang hates conventional American evangelicals as much as Russell Moore and David French his partners do. I just did some searching on Chang, and I am appalled to see that he is on the Focus on the Family website. But obviously Focus on the Family is not what it used to be.

    Chang himself doesn’t have any ties with the PCA, does he?

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