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Common Critical Race Theory Rebuttals Debunked Part 1

The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential advocates of Critical Race Theory to Evangelicals. While they do not daily write articles brazenly advocating the heretical ideology of Cultural Marxism, their podcast network is far more explicit with the organization’s views. Evangelical Dark Web reported in September, 2020 how The Gospel Coalition unveiled Marxist podcast series called “As In Heaven.” This podcast is designed specifically to empower Woke Evangelicals.

Christina Edmondson is a professional race hustler who serves at Calvin College. She joined The Gospel Coalition to rebut common arguments that people make to oppose Critical Race Theory and most specifically Black Lives Matter.

They start off with colorblindness which Edmonson takes not “seeing color” as denying part of people’s identity. Typically being colorblind is meant to denote that a person does not judge on the basis of race, not that they literally cannot see if a person is black or not. She argued that this trope was an overcompensation to a racist era. They used this to then argue that people who are colorblind are practicing a sort of Gnosticism. However, this is projection. Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are naturally Gnostic ideologies. In postmodernism, there exists a need to sort out people’s experiences and ability to see truth, since truth is not objective. Therefore, Intersectionality ranks people’s “truths” according to their intersections of oppression. In essence, Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality teach that black people have greater insights on race because they are black. This is Ethnic Gnosticism, as Voddie Baucham describes.

All Lives Matter then was the focus. Now, I do not believe that “All Lives Matter” is a good response to “Black Lives Matter.” Edmondson argues that all lives do not matter until black lives matter. Therefore, she is arguing that “Black Lives Matter” is an incremental step towards All Lives Matter. This logic does blow the trite statement of “All Lives Matter” out of the water, which is why I don’t use it. It is vastly superior to deconstruct BLM’s apathy towards Black lives. Black Lives Matter only routinely cares about deaths that can be used to advance a political agenda, that is deaths of black people by police. It does not care about black on black crime, black abortion rates, or lives killed due to BLM riots. But if a criminal is justifiably gunned down by police, they are all over it.

Next Christina Edmondson sought to blame racism for black fatherlessness, arguing we should be looking for the root causes of this issue which she claims are economic opportunities. This is an ahistorical view. Black families were actually much stronger in the United State during periods of time when actual racism prevented several economic opportunities. Edmondson ignores that fact that welfare, drug use, and Democrat policies destroyed Black communities.

I did find myself agreeing with Christian Edmondson that about the stupidity and meaninglessness of the statement “Racism is a sin issue, not a skin issue.” Again this is not an argument I have made. I’ve heard this argument most from Craig Groeschel. So the pastor of America’s largest woke church, apparently is not woke enough!

I am breaking this rebuttal into two parts for the sake of brevity. But one thing that’s clear is that Christina Edmondson is not forthright about her belief that only white people can be racist, but she is very clear that disagreeing with her is racist in part one.


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