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Dennis Rouse

Woke Evangelical Foot Fetish

Atlanta may be a hotspot for some of the cringiest display of wokeness in the church. Victory Church ATL is a megachurch in the Atlanta area. Woke Preacher Clips recently unearthed a clip from 2017 where their pastor, Dennis Rouse one Sunday took it upon himself to summon a young black male in order to wash his feet to atone for the sins of his race. This may or may not have influenced Dan Cathy shining Lecrae’s shoes, as Dan Cathy is also based in Georgia.

Dennis Rouse makes it clear he has a low opinion of Black Americans and their capabilities. He sees them as the stereotype the Black Lives Matter movement wants them to be seen as.

In any case, Evangelical Dark Web took some creative liberty in creating a compilation video of what appears to be a fascination Woke Evangelicals have with Black men’s feet. It contains two sermons in which Dennis Rouse washes feet at Victory Church ATL and Dan Cathy shining Lecrae’s shoes.

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2 Responses

  1. Disgusting. If you watch the full clip, the pastor doesn’t even let them speak or ask for their name. They are just “a young, black man.” These men are made in God’s image and deserve to be called by name and be known as a person, not a stage prop for some woke evangelical pastor that is getting too big for his britches to use to virtue signal. He is treating them like animals.

    1. What’s worse is this church touted out these clips as a positive example. The source video I used was not the original sermon.

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