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NBA strike is not to change minds but to mobilize communist insurgents

Editor’s note: This was originally published for NOQ Report, however but is also being published here because we need to know what we are up against.

Let’s get some facts cleared up. The Black Lives Matter movement is fundamentally Marxist embracing both classical Marxism the economic theory and cultural Marxism, the broadening of the proletariat. The NBA has been least shy about endorsing the communist movement in our culture. In response, many are not watching the once proud American sport. The NBA ratings drop is considerably worse than other sports as noted by the Washington Times. So when the Milwaukee Bucks decided to ‘boycott’ a playoff game, there are very few people left to boycott the NBA who have not done so already, for one cannot boycott what they never consume.

The NBA seems to want the police officers involved with incapacitating alleged sex offender Jacob Blake arrested. Because the Orlando Magic have agreed not to accept a forfeit for Game 5 of their series, the next game played will inevitably be Game 5 whether it is played tomorrow or the next day. So its dubious how meaningful the gesture actually is. And with the further decline in the NBA’s relevancy as indicated by their TV ratings, especially among key demographics, it quite unclear, if not outright doubtful this player strike for social justice will impact the situation surrounding Jacob Blake.

And I believe the NBA is willing to accept this fact that their strike will likely amount to nothing. But what they are trying to do is mobilize radical communist forces. Society has moved like dominoes in 2020. Large corporations have moved in lockstep whether it be pushing coronavirus propaganda or the Marxist Black Lives. The NBA could very well be trying to launch other strikes in order to coerce the legal system to action. This would be a dangerous application of cancel culture that is foreseeable right now. The other likelihood is that the NBA is emboldening the communist radicals practicing lawlessness in our cities through celebrity endorsement, particularly after a night where the communist insurgents suffered casualties.

It’s not about justice and it never has been. We need to understand that what is going on in this country are not protests, nor are they necessarily riots. They are acts of terrorism committed by Marxists. And the NBA is trying to feed it.

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