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Watch: Donald Trump debates Chris Wallace on Critical Race Theory

One of the most surprising acts of President Trump was him taking up the fight against Critical Race Theory. In September, I reported on Trump’s initial action to exterminate teachings of Critical Race Theory on taxpayer dollars within the federal government. With President Trump, I judge him by his record, but I am willing to be far more lenient when he has taken up an ideological purge within a massive federal government that honestly can’t wait to go woke. I noted then:

I initially wanted to write how shameful it is that President Trump is willing to do what seminaries are not, purge this pagan ideology. And I want to lament at how Al Mohler is asking how we can prevent the infiltration of Cultural Marxism after having hired Cultural Marxists and fired their opposition. However, I have a different take. I agree with what Tom Ascol said, that this can be an edifying experience for the church. But maybe it is also a victory of our grassroots movement. It is clear we hold little to no institutional power, so why should we expect adversaries to do as Christ would? Yet perhaps it is this grassroots movement of Christians fighting this false gospel that ultimately earned the favor of Trump, who is most willing to listen to evangelicals. This would be evident by the fact that Trump retweeted Tom Ascol.

Perhaps this is politics sending a shockwave upstream or perhaps it is the true church circumventing conventional means to impact culture. In any case, we should praise God for this event and edify our local assemblies to follow suit if they haven’t already.

During the first Presidential Trump doubled down on his decision and ended up debating Chris Wallace over the merits of Critical Race Theory. Chris Wallace, being a Fox News hack, is likely on board with this ideology as evident in how he framed the question. In this video we hear Trump reject the premise of Wallace’s bias question and make as good a case as one can expect Trump to make.

I do not consider Donald Trump to be a subject matter expert on Critical Race Theory. But Donald Trump knows enough. He knows it’s very bad for the United States. And he’s willing to fight it.

This is an indictment on pastors to start confronting this pagan ideology in the church. At the same time its a reminder why Trump is supported by grassroots evangelicals. I did not vote for Trump in 2016, because I thought he’s be a Mitt Romney on policy. But Trump is willing to take on some of the most pressing cultural issues that Evangelicals like myself care about. There should be no question why this Evangelicals are a core constituency in Trump’s base.


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