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Black Privilege: Critical Race Theorist to write Superman movie

When you think about all that is wrong with Hollywood, the embrace of identity politics is at the top of the list not only in the messaging of their movies, but in the casting as well. It’s rare, though notable, when inexperienced directors get to helm major projects. Whereas directing a major franchise can open up opportunities for people as a serious director, as was the case with Leonard Nimoy with Star Trek 3, poor directors can also be exposed once the training wheels are removed, as was the case with Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman 1984). 

No studio in Hollywood is more incompetent mismanaged as Warner Brothers. The same studio that had to get bullied by their audience into allowing the Snyder Cut of the Justice League to see the light of day is now seeking to have JJ Abrams helm the DC Cinematic Universe. Abrams has consistently demonstrated a lack of respect for source material. This would include Bad Robot (his production company) being involved with the production of the upcoming sexual Lord Of The Rings Amazon series, the wrecking of Star Trek, and the foundational nail in the demise of Lucas Film.

On top of this disastrous decision, Ta-Nehisi Coates is going to write the next Superman movie. Underneath, Robin DiAngelo, Ta-Nehisi Coates is probably the biggest brand name of Critical Race Theorists. He is even quoted several times affirmatively in White Fragility. At this point you may be asking yourself how a Critical Race Theorist lands the job to write a Superman movie, a project that will easily spend $100 million.

Ta-Nehisi Coates became famous for being a Marxist columnist for the socialist magazine, The Atlantic. There he wrote in depth, advancing Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, becoming a prominent advocate for reparations. Always having an interest in comic books, he authored the Black Panther reboot which launched in 2016. The comic was a huge success with the anticipation of its film counterpart. His other comics have not been as successful, but he has zero experience working in the movie industry.

So, when a Critical Race Theorist with no movie experience gets to write a $100 million movie, there’s a sense of diversity hire written all over this. Rumors speculate whether this will be another Henry Cavill movie or a black Superman.

But two things are certain: the movie will be awful, and the movie will be extremely woke.

Making a good Superman movie is difficult as it is because of the age-old problem of Superman being overpowered. The original movies gave him inconsistent powers. In Superman Returns, kryptonite is only a weakness when the plot needs it to be. Zach Snyder, to his credit, seemed to understand how to make Superman not overpowered, by having him take on Zod and a Batman armed with kryptonite. It is likely they won’t make a third movie with General Zod as the villain.

Ingredient two for this disaster is JJ Abrams. The fans of the franchises he has ruined rightfully call him Jar Jar Abrams for a reason. In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is a serious villain for only a few minutes (his encounter with Poe) before the script stops taking him seriously as a villain. Having someone who does not understand villainy helm superhero movies is a bad plan, put mildly.

Guaranteed to create controversy is having a Critical Race Theorist write the film. This comes with every narrative preestablished to shame fans who did not like the film, as we have seen in the past with several reboots that injected intersectionality. Whereas Zach Snyder is characterized for his ambitions to create films that wrestle with theology and morality, Warner Brothers typically wanted to play it safe, copying Marvel, which is why Joss Whedon took over for Justice League. Having an inexperienced Critical Race Theorist write a film is a sure way to alienate fanbase and coopt a secular Messiah figure to a woke agenda on screen.

The recipe for disaster is made. Warner Brothers is going woke, but how long will it take for them to go broke? A nine-figure bomb will surely expedite the process.


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  1. Black privilege is as wrong as white priviledge is, but the “privilege” we have in Christ and Christ in us by the Holy Spirit is so Right! co-heirs with Christ in the heritage of God our Father! Thank you Jesus for the finished work of the Cross!

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