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Common Critical Race Theory Rebuttals Debunked Part 1


The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential advocates of Critical Race Theory to Evangelicals. While they do not daily write articles brazenly advocating the heretical ideology of Cultural Marxism, their podcast network is far more explicit with the organization’s views. Evangelical Dark Web reported in September, 2020 how The Gospel Coalition unveiled Marxist […]

Black Privilege: Critical Race Theorist to write Superman movie

When you think about all that is wrong with Hollywood, the embrace of identity politics is at the top of the list not only in the messaging of their movies, but in the casting as well. It’s rare, though notable, when inexperienced directors get to helm major projects. Whereas directing a major franchise can open […]

Al Mohler pretends to declare Critical Race Theory incompatible with Scripture

Big Eva is certainly on the defensive trying to cover up its own industry wide acceptance of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. This is too much of the credit of online activism of grassroots Evangelicals who are forcing them to address these topics. This week, the seminary presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention got together […]

Owen Strachan: Church Discipline The Woke!

Here is a hot take, as social media would call it. But is this really a hot take or does it really only feel that way because Christianity in America is exceedingly lukewarm? I’ve read old Lutheran confessions of faith that denounce those who believe in believer’s baptism. It’s safe to say there was a […]

Al Mohler’s Stunning Lack of Self-Awareness

In the largest protestant denomination in America, Al Mohler is undoubtedly the most powerful figure in said institution. Sitting as President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his influence carries much weight in the ecclesiastical affairs of the Southern Baptist Convention. The grave threat, perhaps greater than the theological liberalism that necessitated the Conservative Resurgence, of […]

There is no such thing as “small i” Intersectionality

Neil Shenvi is one of the most platformed opponents of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality within the church. However he is also the least trustworthy “ally” in this cause. For starters he attends Summit Church (JD Greear) and endorsed Resolution 9 allowing Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to be used as analytical tools. Consider this […]

I read White Fragility so you didn’t have to

It’s not unnecessary for the church in America to want to address the rising racial tensions. In fact, the church should be a reliable witness on social issues. However, it is a betrayal for the Church to push a Marxist book like White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. And this is what I have witnessed, without a […]

Did Jen Hatmaker raise her daughter to become a homosexual?

Among the most famous false teachers in America is Jen Hatmaker. In 2016, even LifeWay wouldn’t sell her books, after she came out in support of homosexuality and transgenderism. But this had not put an end to her presence in Big Eva. As even renown author, Max Lucado, appeared on her podcast earlier this year, […]

Dr. Russell Fuller: Al Mohler supports Critical Race Theory

The third and final installment of Dr. Russell Fuller’s interview with Jon Harris muddies Al Mohler, once seen as a bulwark of theological conservatism. The third installment details Fuller whistleblowing on Al Mohler’s support of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Fuller details the behind the scenes happenings of Al Mohler propping up the heretical ideology […]